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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Who is Cid?

Who is Cid?

- 4th or 5th generation Canadian by way of England, Scotland & Ireland

- highlights her hair but feels vindicated by her three blond sons

- finally, at age 42 is comfortable with her body and what she looks good in (most of the time)

- has been with the same man since she was 16 and loves him as much as ever and never wonders, “what if…”

- raised in the city and the country with horses, barn cats, dogs, three TV channels and a mother & father who let her and her brother and sister build forts and sleep in the barn, go riding bareback in the dark and play out of sight of the house

- a terrible procrastinator but who gets a great sense of satisfaction in finishing something even if it is only the laundry

- is called a “connector” by a friend, likes bringing people together, gets energy from others and loves to reconnect with people from the past

- a reader to the exclusion of most other things, could read while three boys were in the bath, read in the morning, far too late at night and anytime in between when it’s a good book, reads British chick lit, essays, Can lit and used to be, during her teen years, a huge sci fi fan (still loves apocalyptic stories)

- would love to travel again, but stay in one place for about six months like the south of France or New Zealand in a house, going to the market and living like a local

- can never get enough sleep, loves the idea of being a morning person but never seems to be able to wake up refreshed and ready to go

- lives in jeans and boots, wishes she had more style day to day but doesn’t want to look like she’s trying too hard

- loves the Fall because she get to wear the above mentioned jeans & boots, cool nights, great for sleeping, crisp sunny days and all the colours of the leaves

- has been at home raising three boys for the last eleven years and isn’t sure what to do next

- loves living in a small town with lots of interesting people to talk to and interesting things to do, where nothing is a chore to get involved in

- loves and likes her parents, brother and sister even if she doesn’t always agree with them

- loves the chaos of a bunch of kids and dogs running around while the adults sit and enjoy a glass of wine on the dock or deck especially when it happens spontaneously

- loves baguettes, good cheese, wild blueberries and fresh peaches

- wants to write but worries it is too solitary but thinks maybe doing this is a start

1 comment:

  1. Great start! Love it!
    a fellow procrastinator/writer (aren't these opposites?) in training.



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