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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh So Random Ramblings

  • Wow, it is truly amazing what joining a new linky thing does for your number of followers. Not that I am about anyone reading my blog, of course. But seriously from 47 to 64. Thanks guys, I promise to keep it interesting.

  • Great long weekend up here and I emphasis the long. Number One Son raced on Friday, everyone skied at our hill on Saturday then we had back to back team parties for Number One and Three. Number One was at one hill Sunday, Number Three stayed at our home hill while I went with Number Two to another for an awesome race. I think he's finally coming into his own after complaining that both his brothers were good at something and he wasn't. (Sigh of relief, at least for now)

  • I had a great time Sunday night spending Valentines Day with 25 of our oldest friends while my Other Half was away. The evening was great fun until we had opened our loot bags and took turns answering a question written on a card inside. Mine was, "What was the most romantic evening of your life?" I blushed and then asked for one of my lifelines. Not a great idea to call your husband who is sitting in a hotel room alone on the outskirts of Syracuse to ask him to answer that question while everyone is whooping it up in the background. He, of course, had already arranged to have flowers and balloons sent to me so I had to make amends with some serious late night texting.

  • The Olympics are the best reason ever to not get anything done. You can turn on the TV at any hour of the day or night and find something to watch, even if it is only China vs. Slovenia in curling.

  • My Dad is the greatest. Despite his feet being pretty much crippled by Peripheral Neuropathy he managed to walk quite a distance to the bottom of the race course and stand for over an hour watching his grandson ski his heart out. Now Number Two Son has decided that his "Dippy" has to attend all his races as his good luck charm.

  • Can't think of a better role model for my boys than Alex Bilodeau, the 22 year old gold medal winner in Moguls Freestyle Skiing. He gave up hockey so the whole family could ski including his older brother Frederic who has Cerebral Palsy. Frederic is his role model because whenever Alex thought he had challenges he couldn't overcome he looked at his brother who was told he would be in a wheelchair for most of his life but at age 28 is still able to walk and even stood on the side of the course to cheer his little brother on to a gold medal. There wasn't a dry eye in the country when not only was the Canadian Flag raised for the first time on Canadian soil but when they cut from Alex on the podium to Frederic in the stands both were sing their hearts out to "Oh Canada"

  • The Kemu family arrived in their new home last Thursday and were greeted by a group of us standing in the dark outside the house. They had travelled for over 30 hours from the Congo and I can't imagine what they thought when they woke up the next morning to the sun shining down not on trees and grass but instead sparkling off of snowbanks and icicles. I haven't had a chance really meet them yet but Number Two Son met his new classsmate, Vanessa when she came to see the school on Friday. I will be sure to let you know how they are doing from time to time.


  1. OHHH. Your Valentine's Day sounded FUN!!

    Have a great week!

  2. his dippy...too cute. valentines sounded fun other than being away from your love. happy tuesday!

  3. Stopping by from SITS...Happy Tuesday :). Can you tell me which linky you joined or how you do that??


  4. Your Dad seems like yet another inspiration for yet another (perhaps?) Olympic contender!

  5. I'm loving the Olympics too. So much fun.

    And congrats on all the new followers!

  6. I can't believe how much inactivity these Olympics have caused! It's despicable, really!

  7. Very nice! I admit, I haven't been following the Olympics... I just don't have time. Isn't that horrible? My life is too interesting to turn on the tv. Go figure! ;)

  8. Okay, now I feel guilty Wacky, there is lots I should be doing but hey, the Men's figure skating from last night is on ...


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