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Monday, March 22, 2010

Big Win and First Kiss

The winning run

On the podium

I really don't remember my first kiss specifically. Does that make me a bad person or am I just going senile? But Number Two Son, age 9, has had his. Yesterday, on the chairlift with a girl who he has been "dating" on and off since last ski season. Apparently our little Romeo is quite the catch among his ski team where desirability is in direct proportion to how fast you can ski and what you look like in a downhill suit (something I never have and never will squeeze myself into) the girl/boy thing has reached a crescendo this past week while the kids were off school for March Break. Nine days straight of skiing, sun and sleepovers has resulted in a major outbreak of spring fever.

Up until now I had thought that the boys were quite oblivious to all the attentions of the girls. That my son was dating seemed more an orchestration by the girls of who rode the chairlift with whom but now I'm not so sure.

A kiss, even with goggles and a helmet on is serious stuff. I don't know if I am ready for this next stage. Even with a 12 year old I thought we had more time to prepare for the world of girls calling at all hours, let alone all the online stuff I don't pretend to understand. As a mother of three boys I know there will be many girlfriends passing through our house and, as a friend whose boys are now adults warned me, "Don't get too attached to them. Either they will break your son's heart or he will break theirs. Until you are officially a mother-in-law, don't get too emotionally involved."

Good advice, although I can't help thinking that maybe this girl might be a potential pedicure partner for me in my testosterone filled household.


  1. Nice action shot and congratulations on the win! And a first kiss at nine. He sure moves fast. What a cutie.

    My kids are on a different slope. Neither one is dating at aged 12 and 15, although they have friends of the opposite sex. I’m sort of relieved

  2. That is about the cutest post I've read today. Congrats on the big win and the first kiss!

    See you soon for Friday Follow (with $100 cash giveaway this week)!



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