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Saturday, September 18, 2010

From the sublime to ridiculous in under three hours

Summer is over and I just haven't had the blogging muse strike me in a very long time. But this morning I am sitting drinking my second cup of uninterrupted coffee because it's just me and the dog at home. Yes, no boys (they slept over at my Dad's) and my Other Half is off at a much deserved golf weekend with the boys. Did I mention that I had the house to myself last night? I don't think in the three years we have lived here I have been alone in it for more than a few hours. I love being alone. I watched Date Night last week and I loved the scene where Tina Fey's character describes her fantasy of being alone in a quiet hotel room with nobody touching her and drinking a Diet Sprite. I got my fantasy last night.

Alone, lit a fire and opened a bottle of wine, fired up the Kindle and read some of Quinn Cummings essays from Notes from the Underwire. It was perfect. And this morning as I await the return of the mob I have had time to make myself a pot of steel cut oatmeal which takes at least a half an hour and I try to make but never have time to eat, catch up on my favourite blogs and start planning for the arrival of four more children, two mothers and two extra dogs for the night. From the sublime to ridiculous in under three hours.

So back to the reason for my absence from the blogosphere this summer, I think I might have to take a look at what I am doing in this blog, a few others I read have either disappeared or have been reinvented, not sure if I need to do anything as drastic as that but I think something needs to change.


  1. It's always nice to see you here, in any shape or form! So don't go away entirely.

  2. Change is good! We love reading here, but if you must go, just know you will be missed! Do what's best for you :)

  3. I was happy to see your comment Cid -I get what you're saying about where the blog should go. I've seen a lot of changes at old haunts too - if I can still find them.

    I'm jealous of the house to yourself... I remember that line in Date Night too (LOVED that movie) and could totally relate.

    And BTW, that's THE Quinn Cummings, right? The cutie pie from Family and Goodbye Girl? Boy, I feel old.


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