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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

iPhone Friday on Tuesday

My Other Half and I are heading out to a marine dealers meeting for the next few days so I though I would post a few of my most recent favourite iPhone photos. If you're a picture-taking nut like me it's so worth getting one just to be able to take such fun photos. They were all taken with the Hipstamatic App.

PJ at the net

Full Moon at Sunset over the Bay

On a Horse with a View


  1. Great pictures! Perhaps I should treat myself to a new phone? Might it improve my photography skills?
    Enjoy your time away...

  2. that horse one is AWESOME! blow up /frame / hang!

  3. I love the old photo look. My favorite was also the horse one. You make me want to saddle up again. I also love your new banner image.

  4. Looking good, those pictures. I kinda like the 'old photo' look. Looks great on family presentations to. Cool!



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