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Monday, October 17, 2011

Oh, go fly a kite!

After spending two wonderful days with the grown ups in our family at the wedding, we returned home to rescue my mother and aunt from the kids. We arrived at my Mum's place in time to eat turkey leftovers, fly kites and hit a few balls.

Mum, my brother and sister and the boys

What to do when there's no wind

Staying out of harm's way

See the little black thing my brother is holding up? That's his blackberry, he videoed the entire kite-flying expedition including when the dragon kite "attacked" the ATV as they slowed down. It's the little things that amuse us.

An 11 year old boy's idea of heaven (notice the cool shades)

Measuring the apple trees we planted last spring in honour of each grandchild

Golf anyone?


  1. I love the apple tree picture and the 'apples' in those little cheeks!

  2. Your boys are gorgeous!
    Or should I say handsome? ;)
    And that little guy - your nephew? – love his shorts!

  3. It seems like a wonderful moment for you and your family. I enjoyed looking at the pictures.

  4. Love the wind for kite innovation and that last photo is precious.

  5. Gorgeous energy flowing out of the pictures :) Flying a kite is one of these little things that make us feel so content...


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