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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Random Tuesday Ramblings on Wednesday

  • I am already worrying about what I will do when Season Two of Downton Abbey ends. Don't tell me how many more episodes there are, I don't even want to know.

  • I feel not so much off but more like under my horse for the first time in three years. It wasn't very dramatic as I was only trying to get back up from a log when he moved and my foot was stuck in the stirrup so I ended up on the very hard ground with him standing perfectly still looking down at me as if to say, "I'll just wait here while you sort yourself out."

  • Number One Son has now missed nine days of school out of a possible 20 since they went back after Christmas. Yup, he's on the right track for becoming a member of the Canadian Senate.

  • Day One of Single Motherhood began with me deciding to make banana bread for breakfast. Why? Not sure. Unfortunately the frozen blueberries I put it in resulted in the middle not cooking while the outside burned. Note to Self: Never try to operate large appliances before noon.

  • Number Three Son is finally going to get some extra help at school after test results showed he is relying almost entirely on memory which is sad in that it took so long to figure it out and amazing that he has coped as well as he has.

  • Number Two Son announced that he has joined the school choir which, I think, has less to do with my continued suggestions that he should do so and more with the girl to boy ratio.

  • I received three (!) bouquets yesterday but my favourite by far was the one from my best friend Sandy (shh, don't tell my Other Half or my Dad) It was made up with beautiful blush pink Parrot Tulips. They are all blousy and droopy and made the other arrangements of lilies and roses look stuffy and formal in comparison.

  • I am going to the Erma Bombeck Writer's Workshop, my name came up on the waiting list, I paid my money and now I have to figure out how to get to Dayton, Ohio. Drive for nine hours or drive for two, wait at the airport for two, fly for and hour or so and then do the same in reverse. But however I get there I am so excited to be going and meeting a few of my blogging idols - Tanis of Attack of the Red Neck Mommy, Amy of Bitchin' Wives Club and Kyran of Planting Dandelions.

  • I've decided that instead of giving something up for Lent (which I have never done anyways) I am going to use stuff up. My freezers (yes, that's plural) are full of food, as is my pantry and while Number One Son continues to eat for four I want to empty out all the meat, pasta, rice and other things before I hit Costco again. So, no more stopping at the grocery store because I've forgotten to take something out of the freezer to cook for dinner. I am, for the first time in my life, actually planning meals in advance and it is easier. Can't wait to see how long we can live off the fat of the land, so to speak.

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