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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Random Tuesday on Wednesday

  • haven't felt much like writing at all lately but then again I haven't felt much like doing anything
  • finally went to the doctor to see if there was anything serious with all my aches, pains and general crappiness. X-rays and an ultrasound results declared that the general crappiness is completely self-induced and there is not a magic pill to fix it although, on the up side, my doctor did recommend regular massages :-)
  • so I have to do something about it myself which includes moving my body but not houses (see moving post
  • as a direct result of the above I have been getting out of bed when I wake up and going for a half an hour or so walk most mornings which I actually enjoy although the world's laziest dog opted out after the first few days
  • I went riding yesterday for the first time in six weeks and it was glorious so that is back on the schedule
  • I am still in denial about summer activities for the boys. No. One will have a few grass cutting jobs but other than that he's on his own until he goes to Oregon to ski at the end of August. No. Two has one week scheduled in July then he's off to a new camp with his west coast cousin. No. Three Has nothing on and he's the one I'm most worried about. We are in the midst of doing Educational assessments with him and he is having a tough time at school and at home. The level of fighting in our house between 2 & 3 is off the charts and No. Two doesn't leave for camp until the end of July *gulp*
  • My in-laws are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary next weekend with a renewal of their vows and a dinner dance. They are an amazing couple, have overcome so many obstacles and stuck it out whenever the going got rough (which it did on several occasions) I put together a photo album of their life together from about ages 14 to 71. Truly inspiring.
  • No. One is off on his Grade 8 trip to Ottawa this week and then graduation is on the 26th. He is hoping to win the Math and Phys Ed award which was made for him. 
  • I have decided that after the summer my career as a cheesemonger will be over. I need to find something that fulfils my need to be with people (mid-week retail in the off-season is a lonely place), some flexibility as my kids apparently still need me to boss around and an ability to help keep the boys in new skis (or at least poles)
Wish me luck as I attempt to keep my sanity with three boys at at home in July for the first time in about five years. 


  1. I wish you more than luck – I wish you patience, stamina and a sense of humour for the month of July. Heck, for always…
    Aches and pains self-induced? I doubt that. Too many women receive this diagnosis. If the walking and the riding don’t get you back on track, try seeing a naturopath. (Preferably a female one.)

  2. I hear you. My boy is home most of this summer or doing stuff with either me or my husband. An important training program smack in the middle of July meant he couldn't get a full summer job. Too much downtime can be problematic. It's good that you are taking some time to yourself by walking and riding. I hope things work out for your son at school and at home. Hug!


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