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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dispatches from a Parallel Universe

Number Three Son rips it up on a slalom course last weekend.

So far, since Christmas, my boys have spent more time on the snow than
 at school thanks to crazy race schedules and snow days which only ever fall on days they are actually supposed to be at school. And, as we are testing our not-terribly-well-researched parenting theory which states that participating in sports can be as important for raising well-adjusted, responsible and healthy children as attending school regularly, so far so good. Number One Son survived the week from hell writing four exams which were screwed up by two of the afore mentioned snow days, hockey play offs and four days of CanAm ski races. He passed his exams and his report card was okay but could have been better. He is still getting away with minimal effort and we are looking into other options for Grade 10 that will help him balance school and racing.

Today is another snow day which means since Monday was a holiday and sons Numbers One & Two will only see their teachers for one day. Enough time to pick up homework and hand in what they were supposed to do last week. Thankfully their teachers have so far been supportive. Even the four that No. 1 has only seen twice since the semester started. It's hard to know if this is the right thing for them. They are so focused on racing and do work (sort of) to keep up at school since if they don't there's no skiing. And No. 3 has been so good about going to school when his brothers are on the hill that I have been tempted to reward him with missing more school. How crazy is that? I think the scary thing is that they are still doing well despite not being in class which makes me wonder what the heck  is going on for the six hours they are supposed to be there?

As far results go, No.1 is still plugging away and is his own worst enemy as far as playing a head game with himself. He is stellar in training but then over thinks every race. No. 2 is coming along, winning races against his own age group as is No. 3 which makes it hard for their older brother who spends more time working out, training and watching ski videos than anyone. I keep hoping it will all come together for him because he deserves it but who knows? Of course, so much of success in ski racing depends on not getting hurt (touch wood) and  persevering when everyone else gives up.

I have been reading an excellent blog by Erin Thys Morgan at www.racerex.com (sorry, can't seem to do liks on my iPad very easily) and especially her post about sportsmanship really hit home because, after all, the reason we are spending all this money, letting them miss all this school and freezing to death standing at the bottom of race courses is to give them life lessons to apply in work, relationships and everything else going forward. 

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  1. Son #3 looks like a future Olympiad! It is a challenge balancing sports and school. I’m happy to see the end of Nordic season. Their state championship was earlier this week. Maybe a ski academy would make sense for your family? A friend’s son attended one by Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine.


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