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Monday, April 1, 2013

Lots to Catch Up On

Never a dull moment around here. Just got back from my first Girl's Getaway since, well, since I can't remember when and although I had a rather rude re-entry going from the beaches of the Bahamas to the ice rinks of southwest Ontario for a hockey tournament in less than 12 hours I have lots to look forward to in the coming months and lots to organize.

The beach at the Bahamas Beach Club in Abaco ... sigh

The home of our favourite drink in Green Turtle Cay

A plot with a view - Green Turtle Cay

A Sands in a sandal on the sand on Guana Cay

But back to reality, No. 1 Son played his last hockey game (except for his school team) and will now hang up his goalie pads and dedicate himself to ski racing. He wants to go to the National Ski Academy which fortunately is nearby and would help him balance his ski and school schedules. He was in class eight days from the beginning of this semester til March Break and doesn't appeared to have missed anything which has us worrying what the heck they are doing at the local high school. He's a good student but not that good. So the other option is for him to go to NSA, take a couple of summer courses, go to Europe to train for six weeks in the fall, back to school for a month then work on a course or two over the winter and finish up in the spring. We want to let him have a chance to follow his dream but not at the expense of school. My Other Half went through that when he was racing in high school and missed a lot and ultimately did not have the credits he needed for university. It all worked out for him in the end but the most important thing he learned from his experiences was that you want to have options when the skiing is over. 

Like father like son

The other big change that might be coming is that we are thinking of moving. Our lives seem to be focusing on the boys skiing and their friends at our club and over the course of the winter I spent far too much time driving the 20 minutes back and forth from the hill. We are hoping to buy a two acre lot in a development where the kids have lots of friends and build a house. We'll be sad to leave our friends here but it's not that far to come back and visit and if the boys are happier then I will be. 

And besides, my Pinterest Boards are already full of house ideas.

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