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Sunday, January 4, 2009

One more thing to make me happier

I can't believe that I didn't add this one to my list of what would make me happier? Having a horse again. Never in a million years did I think that at age 42 I would be riding my own horse again. I had hoped when we moved out of the city that I would be able to get out riding every once in a while as we do live in horse country. But with kids and a new business and other priorities getting back into horses did not seem to make it to the top of any list.

I guess my rather large meltdown last month sunk in and my dear husband heard me when I said that I didn't have anything that I do for just myself (wow, that sounds awful). He talked to a friend of mine who was leasing a horse at a nearby barn and found out what it entailed. Leasing is the way to go! All the fun and none of the work. No getting up early to feed or muck out, just pop up to the barn when I have the time and groom, tack up and off I go.


Even in the depths of winter I love it. Two of us headed out through the howling wind and snow (see photos) and had a great time. Can't wait for spring when my fingers and toes won't be icicles. Tomorrow I am hoping to be able to ski in the morning and ride in the afternoon - a perfect day in my books.

SO now, it seems, that even if I don't get a cleaning lady twice a week (or ever again) I am happy. I have a horse and I feel like my 14 year old self!


  1. Good for you. We animal friends can be very theraputic.

  2. I totally feel you!! I sooo want a horse of my own, but we can't manage it right now. When would I ride and who would watch the baby?? It'll happen eventually!!

    I rode for the first time in ten years a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't barely walk for DAYS haha. I don't remember it being that rough when I was 15!


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