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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Early Mornings and Nights

One of the upsides of my children's early ringing internal alarm clocks is that I get to enjoy the lake before anyone is out on it. Our lake is quiet to begin with as we are restricted to boats with less than 20hp which rules out waterskiing and tubing as well as jetskis, thank you Ministry of Natural Resources.

And since I am posting from my bb which doesn't have a built in camera I can't show you a photo of the peace and quiet outside.

Inside is another matter. A the haunting cry of a loon echoes across the water the horrible screech of No. 3 Son reverberates throughout the cabin. He has been pushed off my kingsize bed by one of his big brothers. I vacate my bed as soon as I hear the patter of their feet on the stairs up to the loft where I sleep. They all sleep in one room here so when one wakes up the others soon follow. The only electronics they have up here are their Nintendo DS's which with headphones on are quiet but, of course once they all are awake the day begins.

Yesterday was our first real day of cottage time without any guests ans I waa ready for them. We had stocked up on beads - mostly wood and fake bone - while we were in town and the boys were actually into making necklaces. The patterning they always seem to be doing in Math comes in handy

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  1. Sounds lovely - enjoy your vacation!

  2. I love the early morning. I usually wake up before my son (which is ridiculously early) just so I can enjoy some peace and quiet in the morning.


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