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Friday, August 21, 2009

Storm Clouds Gather

Yesterday at about 4 o'clock the sky got very dark and the wind started to come up. I told the boys to turn off the computer in case the power went off and then we watched an amazing display of lightning accompanied by thunderous claps which shook the house. Meanwhile just down the highway a tornado touched down and tore the roofs off ski chalets and took out one of the chairlifts on the hill. These are some photos a friend took from the highway.

We, here in Ontario, live in a very benign climate - no wildfires or earthquakes of any consequence like out west, hurricanes rarely make it this far north and inland and if it snows we all just go skiing but this is yet another reminder of how Mother Nature should never be underestimated.


  1. Frightening, wasn't it?
    I will no longer be complacent about our (once) "benign climate."

  2. The photos are amazing. I loved your comment on my post about adoption. Thank you!

  3. Great photos! My son got freaked out by dark clouds the other night at band practice. I told him the director would take them in if it got bad out. But, I am not so sure!!

  4. Oh my word very scary! Tornadoes are my big fear - and sometimes they do show up around here. Amazing pictures!


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