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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gas, bloating, the recession and other reasons not to read this post

Okay, so I have been feeling like shit lately. Too tired in the morning, too tired in the afternoon and ready to crawl back into bed around 7pm. I doesn't help that it is getting darker so much earlier now. Why does that seem to happen so suddenly right after Labour Day? In the spring it takes forever for the sun to stay up until after 9pm but something happens once school starts that makes me want to crawl into bed right after dinner.

But back to my aches and pains. Lately no matter how healthy I try to eat which isn't that healthy compared to people who take their flax seed and cleanses seriously but better than my usual habit of eating the kids leftover Kraft Dinner and nibbling on the ends of Oreo Sippers. But I still have been feeling like crap - like the title says - bloated, gassy, nothing fits around my waist, tired and cranky. And this isn't just pre or post menstrual, this is all f**king month long. Yes, I know the recession that is supposedly over isn't helping the mood around our house. We run a seasonal business and right now we are headed into the off part of it and it looks like it is going to be a long one. My Other Half isn't sleeping much and working too much and the kids, well, they are kids. We can't expect them to understand why we aren't booking tickets to spend Thanksgiving with their cousins or even contemplating heading south for Spring Break.

But, again, back to my bloating. So I was flipping through a mag, one that I always thought was for older women but lately seems to be aimed right at me. Yes, that makes me their target - middle aged with school age kids, no money for designer shoes and needs recipes that involve using up leftovers ***** sigh*****

Anyways I came across an ad that described my "symptoms" to a T.

  • My stomach is going to explode

  • My friend thought I was pregnant (Well, maybe she did. She just had enough sense not to say it out loud)

  • Always craving sweets

  • Vaginal itching (not in a good way)

It seems I am suffering from a yeast overgrowth - YUCK - called Candida Albicans. The irony is that I had just told my sister that I thought her baby might have thrush and we were running around trying to find Acidophilus for her to take while breastfeeding. So it seems both PJ and I have an over abundance of yeast in our systems.

So now the fun begins. Really no one should ever go on line looking for answers to medical questions. Everything you find points to one of two things. Either you are going to die and you have to spend a fortune trying to prevent that outcome or you aren't going to die but you still have to spend a fortune trying to fix what ails you.

So if anyone knows anything about the other kind of yeast infection (I can't believe I am posting this for all to see but tough times require tough posts) and have any suggestions, recommendations and/or words of wisdom which don't require giving up coffee or wine, I'm all ears. For now I am off to the health food store to check out the selection of probiotics. (I can't believe that just came out of my keyboard)


  1. Popping over from SITS Roll Call to visit.

    Other than taking the probiotics & a good live yogurt, I don't have any true words of wisdom though a good nutritional detox for a week or two would probably help - eliminating sugar in all forms which means watching labels closely for hidden sugars like corn syrup and molasses and those names ending in -ose.

    Avoid all fermented types of foods like mushrooms, cheeses, yeasty breads, no milk, nuts, no coffee, tea, soda or alcohol - well you can google candida diet and find a list.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  2. We are all so bad with our self-diagnosing via Google and magazines! According to these sources, I have been near death numerous times...and yet, remain alive...
    Your diagnosis could be wrong - see a doctor!

  3. Sorry I have no yeast help to offer, but I hope you feel better soon.

    Gotta love blogging. You can just throw out random questions and somebody always knows the answers (it's just not usually me).

  4. Thanks Mary, I think I know the answer is not going to include wine and coffee.
    Beth, you are right, I will talk to my doctor.
    K, it's true, there is always someone out there who has an answer to just about anything.

  5. Giving up wine and chocolate is just not acceptable :) there must be another answer! I have a recipe for brownies that uses yogurt, maybe that would help? Feel better xoxo

  6. I hope you feel better soon! Just stopping by from Sits.... I love your blog!

  7. Oh, and for overall health and a balanced system, maybe the Super Greens would be a good option:) It is like a detox that helps you lose weight, toxins and balance your body all in one glass. Good luck!

  8. i'm here from sits roll call too....and just gotta say...eeewwweee!! fun to read, am going to steal the idea of the player on the sidebar - I always had it down below, where nobody sees it.


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