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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random Tuesday

I am a little lost now that it is the second week of school. The first one was a flurry of getting everyone back into the routine and calming fears of terrible teachers and having no friends. Now all seem to be somewhat happy but I am in limbo. Lots of things I should be doing. So here are my random thoughts for today.
  • Why has summer decided to realign itself in August and September? Not that I am complaining but couldn't we have started say at the end of June and wrapped up a couple of months later, maybe? Just a thought.

  • Sons Numbers One and Two both have the left eye tooth coming in on top of the baby one which is not showing any wiggle. Wonder if I can negotiate a twoof-for-one deal with the dentist?

  • What does one wear to one's 25th all girl's high school reunion? Should one care?

  • Why aren't there proper TV season premieres in the fall anymore? I have no idea when any of the old shows are starting and what the new ones are.

  • Could they not make iPods with a finder option? I know there is a lost Nano somewhere in our house but hell if we can find it. At least with a phone you can call it.

  • Why does hockey start in September? The last place I want to be during this gorgeous Indian summer is in a freezing cold arena. We will have more than enough cold soon.


  1. Hi! Popping over from SITS roll call for a visit!

    LOL... all of those I totally relate to. Find alot of fall preview clips at the network online sites. I've got all my goodies calendared and there are some new ones that look to be pretty good too!

  2. Those are excellent thoughts, all of them. Especially about the ipods.

  3. Want to know what's on TV? Shameless plug here: grab the latest issue of TV Guide... their Returning Favorites issue is filled with scoops on all the best shows this fall. Oh, and maybe I wrote some of them. (Full disclosure, of course!)
    Happy RTT!
    :) Robin
    cinnamon & honey

  4. Re: point # 4 – I think this is the very reason I don’t watch much TV anymore – I can’t figure out what’s on or when.
    Enjoy those hockey games! You’ll miss them one day…

  5. If you figure out what to wear to the reunion, let me know! I've got my 30th coming up next summer, and although it wasn't an all-girls' school, don't all women dress for other women anyway?


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