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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Thank god it is Wordless Wednesday and I can just put up some photos and do not have to write a proper post. Enjoy!

Number Two Son off to bring Jazz up from the pasture for a ride
( I never get tired of that view)

Number Two and the Jazz King looking very regal in his purple rain sheet

Number Two has taken to riding my gentle giant like he was born on a horse.
To quote him, "Mum, I'm a natural just like you."


  1. So beautiful! Wish I knew how to ride a horse. I've always thought they are so lovely.

  2. Lucky, lucky lucky you - that view is incredible! And lucky #2, to grow up with horses - my kids would LOVE that...

  3. Very nice. I don't think I'd get tired of that view either! :0)

  4. It looks so great where you live! I am jealous!


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