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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday at the Beach

Sometimes you might want to be alone ....

Or you might want to go swimming ....

Be sure to have a lifeguard (or two)

You never know who else you might find there.
(captions don't count as words, right?)


  1. I take it that that is one of the Great Lakes?? Is it?

  2. beautiful photos...the one of the dog in particular...

  3. Otin, good guess, it is Georgian Bay off of Lake Huron.
    Mag & Brian, leave it to the aging lab to stay on shore while the Portuguese Water pup is, where else? In the water.

  4. I love your new banner! I want to sit on that rock – the image brings to mind a whale rider. Lovely photos! How much fun that we both have driftwood on our blogs today. It’s like the tide turns in cyberspace.

  5. that drift wood is wonderful - I bet we could make a chair out of it.

  6. those photos are so moody and lovely

  7. We used to rent on Georgian Bay!!!!

  8. Your second photo is just amazing!

    By the way, thanks for the interview. It was fun! I loved how you posted it. =)


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