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Monday, May 2, 2011

I Need Help!

It seems that we have to paint the house and I need help choosing a colour or colours as we have to do the siding, trim, shutters, doors and garage doors. My first inclination is grey with white trim, red front and side doors and black garage doors. It's classic and simple. I have been looking at photos of New England style houses and there are so many choices. I don't want green or beige, it seems every new house built around here are those colours and we painted the house we built 15 years ago green with beige trim. I don't like yellow but have been toying with blue. My favourite look is the classic weather grey cedar shakes with blue trim. We will have to redo the roof soon and although we can't afford real cedar shakes I have looked at Enviroshakes which look like cedar and are that lovely silver grey.

So, what do you think? Please give me any suggestions and links to sites that feature colourful houses. I'll let you know what we decide and when we actually get around to painting it.


  1. Darn. I had my whole comment typed and then hit a button that sent Firefox off into private browsing. So, if you get two from me, just delete one. :)

    What I wanted to say was, I like your inclination towards the grey scheme. Your house has a lot of trim and roof showing, so I like that combo. My favorite is the classic NE look of white- ours is white with a red metal roof. Not the flat metal with the ribs, it's made to look like shingles, and if I remember correctly, they were first made by a Canadian company.

    I would recommend either metal or the Enviroshakes, especially if you plan on staying in the house for awhile. I think it's well worth the extra cost compared to shingles.

    Good luck with your color planning- that's a lot of decisions to make! Our house had shutters years ago, and we want to put them up again. We found some vintage ones (free!) and now have to decide if painting them the green that our house originally had will look too Christmas-y with the red roof.

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