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Monday, March 26, 2012

I can't believe I'm saying this but ...

I'm kind of jealous of Amy over at Bitchin' Wives Club because even though she is living in a sea of boxes that won't unpack themselves at least she gets a fresh start. We have been living in our current house for almost six years and that is the maximum we have ever stayed in one place.

Here's our timeline as a couple :

  • 1987 - lived together for first time in a lovely garden flat in London, England.
  • 1988 - first apartment together in Toronto, again a ground floor with patio but moved up to the second floor when someone tried to break in while we were sleeping.
  • 1989 - bought our first house in Toronto with original dark, gumwood trim, stained glass windows, ancient kitchen but huge backyard, painted the living room hunter green.
  • 1990 - sold first house, considered moving to Vancouver then bought second, considerably smaller house one block away (this was during mini recession). Again, original trim, tiny kitchen, smaller garden, two bedrooms. Painted living room blue.
  • 1993 - sold and moved to Kennebunkport, Maine while OH studied boat building. No rentals to be had before school started so bought lobster fisherman's shed behind big house with only second floor habitable. Ground floor was already inhabited by squirrels. Renovated with help of boat builders and painted living room cream.
  • 1995 - packed up truck and drove across the continent to White Rock, B.C. on the Washington state border. Rented fifties bungalow and sponge-painted living room. Faux finish era.
  • 1996 - lasted five months on Wet Coast and packed up truck to drive across continent back to Ontario (truth be told, OH did the driving while I flew with the dog)
  • 1997 - built timber frame dream home on property next to the farm where I grew up. Painted living room hunter green again because, as painter said, everyone with a house like this does.
  • 2001 - sold dream house because country living wasn't the life for me and moved back to old neighbourhood in Toronto. Painted over original dark trim with Benjamin Moore Cloud White and living room Ralph Lauren Golden Retriever or Yellow Lab
  • 2007 - sold house in the city and moved to small town. Painted every strip of knotty f**king pine panelling Benjamin Moore Cloud White much to painter's distress and living room Berh's Clotted Cream.
  • 2012 - bored of house, walls and trim trashed from three boys and friends. Eighties almond fibreglass bathrooms unbearable. Exterior nineties sage green paint peeling and blond floors scuffed. All easily fixable (with money) but much easier to just leave it behind and start fresh, right?


  1. Wow. You've got me beat with the moves. Love your en vogue painting styles and encourage you to buy some of those skinny 4" or 6" Paint rollers--- they make painting an absolute breeze. I actually found the painting process before we left Madison to be hugely therapeutic. :) Go to Benjamin Moore, pick out some of their classic heritage colors and get busy mixing it up. You'll get over the desire to pack and unpack everything in a couple days. (or you are truly a hopeless gypsy spirit!)

  2. I hadn’t realized that we had another near miss, in addition to Maine. I lived in a ground floor flat in London in 1988 and returned to London for 6 months in 2004 and Oxford in 2007-8. I’ve only lived in NYC, MA, England and now Maine. You have moved around a lot. If you’re bored, I’d love to have you as a neighbor in Maine!


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