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Saturday, March 3, 2012

More Dispatches from a Parallel Universe

As most of you know, from December to March my family and I inhabit this alternate reality called Alpine Ski Racing World. Now in Austria or Switzerland this wouldn't be so strange but we live smack dab on a big rock called the Canadian Shield. Nowhere near any real mountains but our life revolves around our ski club where all three boys spend a ridiculous amount of time going up and down a 700 foot vertical. But with them out of the house three or four day a week, getting exercise and competing with their friends it's not all a bad thing. A very expensive thing but not all bad, especially when they win.

Number Three Son practicing holding his skis up with his best bud, O-Dog for when they are sponsored by Atomic

Number Two Son with his gold medal winning team
(I try not to think where those medals have been)

Number Two with his buddies and a big honking trophy

The littlest cousin making his way up the Magic Carpet

Hot on the heels of his cousins on the race course


  1. It may be expensive but if an activity/sport keeps them busy, happy and focused (not to mention getting fresh air) it’s wonderful. Even better? It will also keep them busy and focused in those crazy teen years where so many kids become “lost.”
    Hockey kept my boys occupied and (relatively) out of trouble!
    Great pictures!

  2. Great shots! Love those medals.
    My boy smacked his head on the hill boarding last Wednesday -helmet malfunction? who knows.... mild concussion so he's out the rest of ski season, indoor soccer season and could affect soccer for the summer. He is SOOOOO bummed - both of his passions, boarding and soccer are out for the near term.
    These days with my bum knee I'm a hero if I make it up magic carpet for tubing...


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