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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Coffee and Christmas

Okay, okay, so it seemed like a good idea, the giving up coffee but then I asked myself, why? I only drink about a cup and a half (okay it’s a large mug and a half) a day and I really like it. I think the reason why was because when we were travelling I didn’t enjoy the coffee at the different places we stayed at, or we were too rushed getting out the door so I couldn’t sit and read the paper (which I do try to do in the mornings, I just tune out the uproar in the kitchen and my darling husband makes the lunches some days now!) But I love having my coffee made in the mornings and for someone who doesn’t drink it, he does an amazing job.

So there, I think that is my blog post for today, it’s another spectacular day here, over 20 C and sunny. Last one though, I think, rain and then snow on the weekend. Oh well, at least I won’t be as pissed off that it is dark a half an hour after the kids get home so they hardly have a chance to enjoy it. Whose bright idea (no pun intended) was it to switch the time to make it darker during the shortest days of the year? I can handle getting up in the dark but I hate looking at the clock and thinking it must be dinnertime when it is only 4:30pm. It just makes me want to curl up in a ball and eat and drink more. But I am back into cooking soups and I think I might have to get the crock pot out soon.

On the bright side it is only 48 days til Christmas and I have said yes to having our house on the local Christmas House Tour on December 6th. Hopefully there is snow becasue this house looks perfect (on the outside) covered in snow. This will be the incentive I need to get out my paintbrush and touch up all the damage on the trim that the boys have inflicted over the past year since we moved in and had every board of knotty pine covered with Benjamin Moore "Cloud White."

And it is about time I did something new on the Christmas decor front, I have been very good at reusing and recycling old bows and ribbon but have basically had the same decorations up for the last eight years. This might be fun and then we will definately have to have a party.

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