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Friday, November 21, 2008

Tips for MOB's

I have decided that we Mothers of Boys, must stick together, so I, therefore, am starting the definitive list for MOB survival. Please feel free to add to it if you have anything, other than a good Cabernet, to suggest.

1. Buy a Air Popcorn Popper - air popped corn is healthier, cheaper and you can make vast quantities when each of your boys bring home another boy or two after school.

2. Buy mitts, gloves & hats in bulk. They always get lost.

3. When someone offers to take one of your boys off your hands, always say "Yes!"

4. Every once in a while buy your middle or youngest something brand new. It doesn't have to be expensive, just something that is only for him.

5. When in doubt, go with the flow. If they all want to take off their clothes and run through the sprinkler, let them. Anything goes - within reason.

6. Keep anti-bacterial wipes near every toilet. Enough said.

7. If your boys want a pet, consider a gecko. We have one and she (they swear it is a girl, for my sake) is great, no smell, no noise, a very Zen pet. Note of caution though, they do eat live crickets.

8. Encourage each boy to try his own sport or activity, so that they are not always competing with one another. Our eldest is a jock, the middle into music and drama and the youngest, well, we're not sure yet.

This post will be on-going, but I would really love to hear other MOB's input. So please feel free to add your ideas.

Remember - Strength in Numbers!

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