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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rebecca Eckler is Back!

Oh, how I have missed cringing at the musings of dear old Rebecca. I am quite sure that the National Post's imminent demise is as a result of her focusing on novel writing and being a "yummy" albeit single, mummy rather than on her column. But she did pop back into my Saturday morning reading with her piece on crashing the Giller Prize Bash. The Giller Prize is Canada's richest literary award and the party is the "must have" invite of the year for the literati. Poor Rebecca's "Toddlers Gone Wild" was somehow left off of the short list and her invitation lost in the mail. But she decided that as a member of the press corp she should attend.

Of course no one stopped her from walking into the reception and she was even so brazen as to find an empty spot at one of the tables for the dinner. After which she cruised the room until she spotted Margaret Atwood, Canada's literary lioness. Eckler quickly honed in on her and reported that Peggy (as Eckler refers to Ms Atwood) told her to stand up and commented on how "skinny" Eckler is. Code in Rebecca's rich fantasy life for great writer.

There you have it in a nutshell, Eckler once again points out to her nationwide audience that:

a) she is still a size zero and
b) Margaret Atwood loves her writing?!

Oh, how I have missed Eckler's self absorbed prose.

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  1. I have to read something by Ms Eckler after reading this post..


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