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Monday, April 6, 2009

The Best Thing about being on the Road is the Groupies

Karen at A Day in the Life has tagged me for this Motherhood Worldwide Tour started by Her Bad Mother who put how she feel about being a mother so eloquently in her post The World According to Mom.

But you'll have to forgive me if five things don't come to mind very quickly right now. I am still waiting for the "Golden Years" my sister-in-law promised me would come between ages of 6 and 12. After "wipe my ass" and before "kiss my ass," as she put it.

Why? you ask. Well, where should I start?

Number One Son is 11, and showing far too many signs of preteen angst already, "I hate her Mum, I really hate her. She is always bugging me." Said in reference to the daughter of friends of ours who is in his class.

Number Two Son is turning 9 next week and he and my Other Half are constantly at each others' throats. Both are the middle child. Need I say more?

And Number Three Son isn't my cute, little 6 year old. He is the Tasmanian Devil. You know, the one from the Bugs Bunny cartoon - constantly in motion, knocking down everything and everyone in his path with spit spewing out of his mouth when he finally does come to a halt.

Nice eh? But I'll try to think back.

1. I love the fact that my 11 year still hold my hand when we walk to school - sometimes.

2. I love that my almost 9 year old crawls into bed with me every morning when he wakes up for a cuddle. "I can't start my day any way else," he says.

3. I love that my 6 year old still asks for "Hug, Mum, hug." all the time.

4. I love it when I get time to spend with them individually. They become different kids when they don't have a brother or two around vying for my attention. They talk, I listen, we communicate.

5. I love watching the relationship they have with their grandparents. We are so lucky to have all four young, healthy and close by. They love watching hockey with their Grandpa, doing crafts with Grandma, going fishing with Dippy and just hanging out, doing nothing with Geeya. Each one of them will make my boys better people.

I do love my boys, I just want to like them more.

Now I'll tag some of my favourite rockstar mothers from all over. Those who have inspired me and made me laugh when I just want to cry.

CDP in Maryland at Parenthetical

Barrie in California at Barrie Summy

Kyran in Arkansas at Notes to Self

Rachel en France at This Provencal Life

Kellan in Texas at On the Upside

Nell in Maine at Mama Goose

Tanis in Alberta at Attack of the Redneck Mommy

Hope I got everyone's names and locations right and that takes us in a few different directions. Enjoy the tour!

Thanks Karen for tagging me, it did make me think about why I do love my boys.


  1. I especially love that pyramid shot of your boys!

  2. This is so sweet and, Man O' Man! are your little men handsome! Your door is soon going to be knocked down by a mob of teenage girls... Sorry, but it's true.

    Thanks for the nod - it's nice to be in such good company! :)

  3. Reading your post I got a little teary because it reminded me of last year, when I stayed with my sister and her five kids for five months (her husband was in Afghanistan) It was difficult but also fascinating, their various relationships, the competition and how they were totally different kids on their own. It was also fascinating and sweet to see how, no matter how brutal they could be with each other, they always looked out for the baby. They drove me crazy sometimes, but their great kids.

  4. I know that I am very lucky to have three such healthy, smart and infuriating sons. We all need to be reminded every once in a while when we are knee deep in the day to day detritus of motherhood.

  5. I also try to spend one on one time with my 2 boys. It makes such a huge difference. Even if I just take one to the grocery store with me. They always talk more about their life when the other is not there. Keep it up! If you want a giggle, I have a funny funny photo today.

  6. See, us boys aren't so bad. Well, until puberty hits.

  7. I clicked follow so that I will see your new post when it is up. In regards to your Tasmanian Devil - I just referred to my son, Adam, as the Mask this morning. Adam is such a cutie!!! I feel bad for him that most folks can't take him at his full energy level. And your sister in law is right - those are the golden years. I am trying to enjoy Adam. Austin has turned to the dark side!!!

  8. So proud of you!!! Aren't you glad they chose you for mommy? BUT. I always say.. THEY WILL NEED YOU MORE WHEN THEY'RE TEEN AGERS!! If you don't already have fresh new a-holes.. They will rip you some! So GIT ready!!

  9. Wow, your list of five is fantastic.. but now I realize you are well past potty training. Good for someone like me who is scared to death of having all boys; it's neat to see how bonded they are just in that one photo.

    Off to check out the rest of the tour!

  10. CDB: Yes we are past potty training but I am terrified of all the other stuff that lies ahead. So far I have been spared. Did you read the post about Sex & Dirtbikes?

  11. Thanks for playing Cid, this was wonderful. And I guess our boys were born not far apart, mine turns 9 in a couple of weeks as well. And I also love that he will still snuggle. It's the best.


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