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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pub Crawls, Gospel Music and Salmon

Our little town hosts the most amazing Music Festival every April. It is three days of jazz, big band and swing music and then some southern gospel on Sunday. Jazzmania was our introduction to the delights of smalltown living the spring before we moved out of the city.

The Friday night is a pub crawl. At least for our crowd it is. There are over ten venues. Yes ten, in a town that only has one stoplight. Well, two actually, but the second one only operates when the salmon are heading up river to spawn (seriously). The light isn't for the salmon to cross the highway, it's for all the tourists or "citiots" as they are affectionately called up here, so they (the people not the fish) can watch from both sides of the road as they (the fish) climb the ladder up over the dam, into the millpond and up the river to lay their eggs. It is truely inspiring to watch. But I sure as hell wouldn't practically kill myself to procreate. Then again, we do, don't we? Guess that's why women do the pregnancy and birthing.

But I digress, but it is Random Tuesday Thoughts, after all. So everyone meets at one house for a few pre-Jazz cocktails and then we all head downtown to the first restaurant around 9pm. The crowd there has already eaten dinner and is sedately listening to the trio when we all take over the bar. We listen, a little, but mostly we catch up with one another after a long winter of hibernation. It was warm last Friday so all the ladies were in shortsleeves, a few even showed off fresh pedicures in their sandals. Me, I stuck to my cowboy boots, always comfy to walk in and it doesn't matter if I spill a martini or two on them.

After a couple of drinks, our group, by now about 20 or so moved on to a real pub that is cozy and has three different rooms plus a great patio. Those who want to listen to the music can do so while the rest continue with the main mission - a few more drinks. So you get the idea, is just like in university, a perpetual motion party. We made it to about five venues, picked up more friends along the way and celebrated the fact that it was warm enought to be outside on the patio with lots of interesting people to talk to. Made it home around 1am, not too late but morning still came way too early. My boys don't seem to get that the door closed means don't come in. They were all up before 7am. Ugh.

We didn't go to the Big Band and Swing concerts but on Sunday Number Two Son and I took my mother to the Southern Gospel concert at one of the churches. I wasn't struck by lightening when I walked through the front door, but I do wish that church was always like this, lots of singing, laughing and even a bit of swaying and clapping to the music among the WASPy crowd. We listened to a wonderful singer, Shelagh Hart, backed by piano, bass and drums but the highlight, for my son was seeing his music teacher on stage with the Torchmen Quartet. They were fantastic, lots of joking and great harmony, sort of a cross between a Barbershop quartet and a 50's group. It opened up a whole new world of music for Number Two, he was fascinated by the bass singer's low voice, thought he sounded like Darth Vader. I think he might be persuaded to take singing lessons, he's already got the voice, first one in the family in a long time who can carry a tune.

All in all a good weekend, not very often I get to party with all my friends and go to church.


  1. That sounds like such a wonderful thing to do - no major planning necessary - just pick up friends along the way. A definite advantage to small town living. One of many!

  2. Oh that sounds perfectly lovely. I can't remember what going out with friends is like... sigh.

  3. Beth, it is the upside of smalltown life, everything is easier, people seems to be able to just go out without too much planning.
    Mama, don't worry you will get out again, I swear. Your guys are younger than mine.

  4. My boys love going to concerts. They are really into the music - all kinds. Your festive sounds excellent.

    We have tickets to Eric Clapton this summer! I am curious how they like the loud rock.

  5. who knew church could still be fun?

  6. That sounds like the ideal weekend. I would love to see the salmon going upriver to spawn, though from what I've seen on TV, they look scarier the closer upriver (procreating, then dying) they get.

    Ok, I have to admit your last post about being your own personal senate really got to me. How personal is too personal? Uugghh.. I hope I got the balance right.

  7. Hit 40, I am so jealous, I would love to take the boys to a real concert, might even have to go down to the city for one.
    Braja, thanks for visiting, so glad that you are up and around and healthy.
    Cheryl, don't second guess yourself. There are always going to be people who don't like what you say or what you write. I love your posts, they are just personal enough so that I feel that I know you. It is all about connecting with others and reconnecting with yourself, at least it is for me.

  8. Cid, it sounds like you had so much fun this weekend! I miss days like that, especially with nice warm weather so you can enjoy it all outside.

    Thanks for stopping by and playing 'Pay it Forward' with me! I hope you like whatever it is that I make for you :-) I'll need your information, so can you email me with your email addy? Thanks again!

  9. Cidiots?! lol That is hysterical! :) Of course, I'd happily play the cidiot to stand around and watch those salmon go. It is such an amazing thing they do....


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