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Monday, July 13, 2009

Final Tally of 8 Childless Days

Number of movies watched without cartoon characters, superheroes or Japanese anime - 2

Number of dinners cooked - 1

Number of meals cooked by some one else - 7

Number of meals replaced by a glass of wine (or three) and cheese - 2

Number of mornings slept in - 0 (we still have a puppy)

Number of nights slept naked - 2 (it has been too cold at night)

Number of dresses worn - 2 (see item above re temperature)

Number of visits to camp - 1

Number of letters home from camp - 0

Number of gallons of Benjamin Moore Cloud White paint bought - 1

Number of rooms with trimmed painted - 3 (4 more to finish today)

Number of toy bins purged - 0 (Batman and the Power Rangers got a reprieve)

Number of windows washed - 0

Number of hikes, bikes and walks - 2 (have to try harder on this one, no excuses)

Number of visits from Dog Catcher - 0 (not that the pup hasn't been making his rounds)

Number of Horse Rides - 2 (better than none, but still pretty pathetic)

Number of happy boys at camp - 3

Number of happy parents at home - 2

I'll let you know how the big reunion goes tomorrow with Number Three Son but it might be a while as I have a Welcome Home Party for my sister and her husband to plan (I've done nothing except invite about 40 people) and pull off on Thursday. Keep your fingers crossed for sun.

In the meantime go visit Jen at Harried Mom, she's got a great give-away which I am going to win but you can check out anyways.


  1. stopping by from SITS today. was scrolling through to comment and saw the picture of you with your horse...so i had to stop. we have horses too and i love them dearly. :)

  2. Sounds like you have achieved a fair bit! Congrats on all the meals cooked by others ... Good luck with the party.

  3. You really are quite funny!

  4. How time flies without those little guys around! “Me time” is precious but I’ll bet you missed them. ;)
    Hope your summer is going well – despite all the rain!


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