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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I will not waste this week.

I have exactly 6 days, 19 hours, 46 minutes and 33 seconds (more like 30 seconds now) until I get on the barge to go out to pick up Number Three Son at camp. I will not waste this precious time at home in my house alone except for My Other Half who won't be home from work until dinner time and the pup who I promised I would take for a play with one of his many girlfriends later this afternoon.

I know I wrote about some of the things I wanted to do while the boys were away but it was more of a wishlist and since it included things like skinny dipping after dark and which is not going to happen anytime soon, what with the temperature being about 15C or 60F. And the weather which was crappy from here to New Hampshire and back again on our three day road trip last week isn't getting any better so that rules out all the sundress-wearing and patio sipping of Pimms and Pinots I had planned.

So back to reality and with it comes the Other List I compiled leading up to the boys departure. Let's see how many of these things I accomplish.

  1. Touch up all the trim in the house that has been chipped and scratched by the boys and puppy over the last two years - I will do this if it kills me
  2. Work in the garden, weeding, transplanting, willing something to bloom in the rain and freezing temperatures
  3. Wash windows - oh hell, what's the point, you can't see anything out through the driving rain
  4. Ride my horse - I will do this at least twice, if I am lucky
  5. Ride my bike, walk, hike with a friend and the dogs - heading out this afternoon as promised to the pup
  6. Purge all the toys that the boys no longer touch in the playroom - so long Power Rangers, farewell Batman, ciao Yugioh
  7. Install Invisible Fence for wandering pup who has now had two visits from the local dog catcher (still can't figure out which neighbour ratted him out)
  8. Figure out which neighbour ratted us out to the dog catcher and drop off some fresh-baked scones (hee hee)

So that's my To Do List. I'll let you know how it is going. But the other thing I have to do is not spend all my time on line reading and coming up with witty comments for all your eloquent and hilarious posts, that I can do when the boys are home, of course.


  1. Wow! That's still a pretty ambitious list. Good luck. One of these days soon I have to take a few days off to purge all the toys the boys don't play with anymore. Makes me a little sad because it means they're growing up...Sigh...

    Enjoy your last days of YOU time :)

  2. I would move 4 and 5 higher on the list and drop 3...but that's just me. Enjoy!

  3. As a teacher on summer break, it amazes me how I can't get to everything I intended. How will I find the time to go back to work?

  4. I hate to do lists! I have will never get done lists!lol

  5. Get to work girl! See you when you get back :)

  6. Hey I'm digging your blog! Personally I'm a huge fan of lists...sometimes I even make little boxes next to each item so I have something to "check". I'll be back!


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