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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I know it's been awhile but I have a doctor's note

I know it's been a while but my childless sojorn ended abruptly with 17 messages on my bb. I went to hike up one of the ski hills we live near (isn't as impressive as it sounds, they are only 900 feet high) with some friends and the dogs. After we had huffed and puffed our way to the top and carefully picked our way back down (going down is harder than you think but is great for the thigh muscles) the dogs had found a lovely big puddle of mud (I have to carry a camera with me next time) and two Golden Retrievers, one Yellow Lab and our black Portuguese Water Dog were now all two-toned so we headed for the beach to cool off and clean them up.

All the while my bb remained in my car as I had been taking so much heat from my Other Half for being an addict. I figured Sons Numbers One & Two were safely at camp and Three was on the soccer pitch until 4 o'clock that afternoon. What could go wrong? Apparently a lot. I got back into the car and checked my phone and it was practically melting from the heat of all the messages - voicemail and email and text. From the camp, from my Other Half and from my father who is the emergency contact if the camp can't get a hold of either myself or my O.H.(who never hears his bb). I called him first and got an earful about not erasing messages from my voicemail. How could I have know it only holds four and then is full.

To make a long story short, I parked the dirty dog with a friend and hightailed it over to the other side of the Bay to meet Number Two who arrived by barge kitted out in sugical mask and gloves. I burst into tears when I saw him. He had been put in isolation for the previous two days. Nine years old and all alone in a cabin with nothing to do and someone only checking in a few times during the day. He was so brave but when we finally got home he broke down and asked if he had swine flu and if he was going to die. Damn the media and the camp. Why didn't they call me right awaygo? He is fine, no fever now and the doctor says just to keep him quiet and away from other people for a few more days.

Is this what the world is going to be like from now on? Every new flu virus is going to send everyone into panic mode. They (whoever they are) are alreading saying that the fall flu season is going to be even worse but they don't have any real suggestions for how to deal with all this.

I do. As of Thursday I will be up north at the cottage hiding under a rock. I'll let you know how the wireless stick I just had to pay throught the nose for by my cell provider works through several layers of Canadian Shield.


  1. Aww, poor little boy. Being sick is the pits.

    Swine flu is scary but I agree, the media has field days with this stuff. My next door neighbor and her twin girls just got it and I was terrified my little girl was going to get sick. Everyone is okay but I guess the take home message we can all learn is to wash your hands!

  2. Your poor boy! Hope he wasn't too scarred by the experience :(

    Glad to hear all is well again. I'm hoping for the vaccine sooner rather than later (although we have our masks and gloves ready from the bird flu talk a few years ago!)

  3. Stopping by from Bloghop.

    What the hell were they thinking, I wiould be giving the camp director an earfull!


  4. Holy sh*t woman. I'm so sorry for you and Number Two son. What a scary thing for you both. Please rest and relax and, as unlikely as it is, perhpas the world will get it's act together by the time you return... sigh.

  5. Have to agree with Mama G... what were they thinking. Would one of the camp staff want one of their children treated like that???


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