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Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to Reality (sort of)

Ah ... the first day back at school and the first snow day ... sigh. It has been snowing and blowing since New Year's Day when I rode Jazz practically blind, trusting the fact that while I had to keep my eyes down, my face buried in his mane to keep the flying snow crystals out of my eyes as we galloped through down the rows of apple trees in the orchard, his eyes were on the side of his head and he could see and stop before we reached the barbed wire fence at the end. He did and we started 2010 off with a cold but wonderful ride.

So now the boys are in the basement playing Wii Ski, as if they didn't get enough of moguls, powder and speed over the last two weeks of being on the hill every morning at 9am and staying until the last chair went up the hill at 4pm. I struggle with wanting to stay home and hang out and knowing that they are happiest when they are with their friends and busy. But this morning when I saw the buses were cancelled and even though we live in town and the school is technically open for them I relented and agreed to let them stay home and do a bit of vegging. They deserve it, as long as there is no fighting or trashing of the house. In a little while I will toss them outside to shovel and make snow forts and do what kids should do on a snow day. And we will put off the inevitable return to everyday life - making lunches, calling upstairs for the tenth time to get up and get dressed and get downstairs, (funny how this morning it wasn't a problem) homework and hockey practise.

My Other Half leaves on Thursday for 12 days and since I survived last year (barely) I think I will make it through this one as long as Mother Nature lays off on the blizzards for a while. We have quite enough snow to ski on, thank you very much and the frigid temperatures forecasted for the next two weeks means it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. I'll try to get some photos of all the fun outside and post them later.


  1. Oh, the snow! Yep, we got it here, but it's not going to last, I don't think. Good luck with all the snow and cold. Hope you make it... ;)

  2. Gah, I love snow, so I'm jealous. But I think if we got snow every year I probably wouldn't like it as much. We had snow for one whole day this year, on my daughter's birthday! She was SO excited. Last year we were snowed in for nearly two weeks, which I honestly loved. Oh well - at least snow can be fun!

  3. Wacky, I heard you got hammered down east, hope you're keeping warm.
    Nice to meet you MeanBean, anytime you want snow come on up.

  4. loved it when we got all the snow a few weeks back...enjoy it! and stay warm!

  5. So glad you had a wonderful ride for the first of the year. Wishing you all the best as your other half gets ready to leave. Hang in there. :0)

  6. I remember those ski days where we would ski all day and then get up the next day and do it again. Skiing gets in your blood and it never goes away!

  7. Stay safe and warm. While we aren't getting any snow, it is COLD!

  8. Love the picture! Snow...I had enough of it growing up in Kansas Now I'm a CA girl, but still love to see it (in pictures.)



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