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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

  • day four of single motherhood, so far so good, reinforcements arrive this evening in the form of the grandmother cavalry
  • I fear I have turned into a fair weather skier or maybe it's just that I am sick of freezing my toes off in my old boots
  • I wish all electronic devices, ie. DSi's iPods and cameras came with paging systems like when you lose your cordless phone (yes, I know I have mentioned this before, but I lost my little camera on Christmas morning and it hasn't turned up yet)
  • I don't get the whole grey colour trend in interior design, we get quite enough grey outside from about November to April, than you very much
  • if our Prime Minister can prorogue or suspend Parliament until after the Olympics then why can't we just prorogue paying our taxes until ... say ... after the summer?
  • would I rather have kids who are fit & involved but who require constant chauffeuring from early morning until late at night to arenas, ski hills and trampoline classes or ones who live in the basement, glued to the screen and never have to be driven anywhere? (Yes, that was a rhetorical question)
  • I have just noticed an alarming pattern in my Other Half's and my level of fitness & fatness - as he gets fitter, I get fatter
  • Number Three Son has asked his favourite babysitter to be his godmother since his parents had neglected to make the necessary arrangements for his spiritual guidance - she was his second choice after the Pink Power Ranger
  • another interesting pattern has emerged recently - the older the child and the colder the weather is inverse to the amount of clothing put on to go outside. Gives a whole new meaning to being cool, doesn't it?


  1. The snow and single parenthood are making you into an astute observer of the world! (Or, you could possibly be going crazy) In either case, I enjoyed your observations!)

  2. Single motherhood DOES tend to have that effect... at least in my own life. :P

  3. I'm thinking that crazy isn't such a bad place to be going right about now. I can say that because this time next week I am going south. All by myself!

  4. lol on the inverse amoutn of clothes. holds true here as well.

    grandmothers are amazing life savers.

    with you on the paging system. totally need one for my phone.

  5. Fabulous random thoughts! I can't believe the number of teenagers I see out there in shorts and hoodies - it was 18 yesterday morning!

    And the cold toes - have any hot hands or feet to use? I'm hoping to go skiing next weekend for the first time in 11 years! Yay!

  6. I bet the pink power ranger would make an excellent spirit guide!

    And I'm very jealous of anybody who has useful grandparents. Our parents are both of the demanding, anti-helpful variety.

  7. This what I get for counting on the cavalry before it arrives. Grandmother called to say she won't make it tonight, promises to be here first thing in the morning. She's better be, have to have one kid at the ski hill ready to race and other two at school. Oh well, it's the thought that counts, right?

  8. I feel like I am becoming a fair weather anything. I hate the cold weather so much more now than I used to. I would love to get back on the slopes though!

  9. I love your new banner. It was too cold for me to ski this morning too – zero. I waited for it to warm up to near freezing this afternoon. I am always losing stuff too. Funny observations! I enjoyed the Muppets too.

  10. YAY to being a new Godmother, (I may however be slightly lacking in the "spiritual" department, but I promise to always bail him out of jail ;)!

  11. what IS it with the "less amount of clothing in the coolest of weather"??? snow here last week, my oldest went to school in shorts (albeit, a bit longer, but still shorts, nonetheless), short sox and his tennies! When I went to pick up the youngest at school, there was a 3rd grader in NO COAT! fine line, my friends between "strong" and "down-right stupid"!!!
    (and my boys ride the fence on that line most days, i do believe!!)
    love the new banner...and i do love randomness...i feel some of my own coming on..possibly!!
    have a great weekend!!


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