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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Silly Me

As I was packing for my all about me get-away I thought "I am going to keep this simple" and not just because you can only take one carry on bag when flying into the U.S. now. I wanted to forget the days of travelling with snacks and changes of clothes and every toy to keep my boys occupied. I wanted to breeze into the airport with a purse and one bag. So I did and I thought I won't even take my camera case which is where I keep all my electronic devices. Of course in doing so I forgot my iPod and the charger for my blackberry. No problem I thought, I can enjoy the sounds of the surf while I walk along the beach and Dad has a bb, I can use his charger. Silly me. Why would two brand new handheld devices made by the same company have the same size ports for the charger? Come on, my Bold is three weeks old, his Curve a week or two older.

I have been ranting about this for quite a while now but if the governments of the world wanted to really make a difference environmentally they would legislate that all electronics from iPods, to phones to handheld games must have universal chargers. That would clean out one junk drawer in my kitchen and would mean that I could have taken a photo of the spectacular sunset over the Gulf of Mexico last night to share with you all. And while they're at it they should make sure all microwaves have the same buttons so I could figure out how to warm up my coffee down here.

My best friend Sandy advised me in one of the last emails I read before I was cut off to unplug this week - no email, no blog, no nothing. Well, I have commandeered my Dad's laptop to post this so I have ignored that advice and now I guess I'm going out to buy another charger because I really don't think I want to be unplugged. Silly me.


  1. 我的痛苦會停止,但求我的心能征服它。........................................

  2. I support your Universal Charger proposal! I will walk the streets and carry a banner if you would like!

    Hope you have a fab trip.

  3. all about universal chargers...unplugging isnt too bad...one day i will take some time off. smiles.

  4. OMG universal charges would be the best! As long as they were as big a PIA as universal remotes. That $80 annoyance is now sitting in a drawer b/c I refuse to mess with it. At least ipods and iphones are all the same. Unplugging? Sounds good, not sure I could do it :)

  5. and I meant 'not as big a PIA'

  6. I am not a fan of being unplugged! I also agree about the chargers. I have about 10 floating around that don't go to anything!

  7. Why? What would actualy happen if you just put on a Batik skirt, and just spent the week in the unplugged moment?

    ....I dunno - just a thought.

  8. Message received loud & clear, I'm off to find that skirt.


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