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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another Random Tuesday

I've been losing stuff and I never lose stuff. I am sure this will jinx me for years to come but I think I have only lost my wallet once in my life but in the past year or so I have lost two jackets that I really liked. One was this perfect light jean jacket with 3/4 sleeves from Old Navy or somewhere. I wore it with shorts, capris and skirts. The other one was from Costco but it looked just like a Lululemon jacket. Neither were very expensive but, of course I can't find anything else like them. It's just so frustrating, I will be getting dressed and think to myself, "that jacket would be perfect with this outfit." I have lots of others but they just aren't the same. I also can't find one of my favourite cookbooks which is silly since every recipe is probably on the internet but I will always choose reading an actual book over seeing it on a screen.

I love Parenthood, the TV show. (The life? Well, that's up for debate) I have been a fan of Lauren Graham since Gilmore Girls (check out the Hooked on Houses post about the set if you are a fan) and she is great playing another single mom but this time with not-so-perfect children. The rest of the cast is wonderful too and includes Peter Krause and Craig T. Nelson.

I never learned to type and it is very frustrating since I spend so much time doing it now. I went to an all girls school in the 80's and they did not want their graduates to grow up to be secretaries. Computers were just being introduced when I was in Grade 10 but we were all too busy learning to "program" Basic to learn how to type or keyboard. Which do you think has been more useful?

I am locked in a battle to the death with our cell phone provider. Last weekend we went up to open the cottage and found out that my brand new iPhone and my Other Half's Blackberry do not work up in the woods. The woods they worked just fine in for the last two summers and when my sister arrived her phone had a signal. So when we called (on her phone since the landline was also out, as it regularly is, hence the need for a reliable cell phone in the woods) to find out what was wrong we were told that they are in the process of switching over to a new system and the fancy new 3G phones don't work on the old one which is the only option in our area. Did they tell us that when they pushed, I mean encouraged, us to upgrade? Of course not. Would we sell a boat to a customer if it wasn't fully functional in all bodies of water? "Oh, I'm sorry sir, we didn't know you were going out on the ocean, this one only floats in fresh water." Hmmm, who would be liable? Can they tell us when we might be able to use our phones everywhere we used to? No. Did we just get locked into another three year contract when we up graded our phones? Yes? Have they got us by the short and curlies? Duh.

We finally convinced number Two Son to audition for the school arts assembly. I'm sure it was my Dad's story about always regretting not trying out for his elementary school's "Toad of Toad Hall" play that inspired him. He made it and will be doing a solo when the entire school sings K'naan's Wavin' Flag which is still one of my favourite songs despite the fact that he is practising all the time. Note to Self - charge all camcorder batteries beforehand.

I'm heading down to the city today to stay the night with a friend who's just had knee surgery. Woo Hoo. Can you say Girl's Night In?!


  1. I like the Parenthood show too. Having worked second shift for years, it was difficult to have any "must-see TV" but am now slowly picking up a few favorites. I am surprised to find the "Big Bang Theory" is one of them. Those two are the ones I try to see every week.

    Have fun with your recuperating friend.

  2. I just started watching Parenthood – I love it, too.
    Enjoy your evening!
    (knee surgery – ouch)

  3. I'm watching parenthood right now!!!

    I went to an all girls college prep school in the 80s too, but we also had typing (ms gonzalas was my teacher, in case you care). I remember hating to go to "computer" class once a week. I remember telling my classmates I'd NEVER own one cuz they are for geeks. I, by the way, am a geek. But I refuse to admit that to anyone but you.


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