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Thursday, May 20, 2010

More Scenes from the Island

We'll be heading up north again this weekend to help my Mum with her Dock & Boathouse sale and then packing up what she is taking home. It is going to be bittersweet with lots of old friends dropping by but I know it is for the best. She will be able to concentrate her energy on creating yet another warm and welcoming home at her new house without worrying about whether the cabin made it through the winter or if the boat will start.

Here are a few more photos of this very special place.


  1. Gorgeous pictures, Cindy! And this is a terrific blog - lots of laughs, lots of insights. I'll have to tell my other mom blogger friends to come see!

    Thanks for popping onto my blog - it's not nearly as well tended as yours. I pop in there when I'm not writing what I'm "supposed" to be writing. I just set up my own website: WritingWildly.com

    Come see when you can!

    Say hi to Scott for me - I hope you all are well. Wow. 3 Boys. I have 2 Girls. Did you ever imagine we'd end up like this?

    take care
    - Genevieve

  2. The photos are beautiful. It sounds like lots of nice memories were made there.

  3. Hope the black flies aren't too bad!
    Such a beautiful place.

  4. More gorgeous photos. Makes me think of vacations in Maine growing up, first at a relative's camp, then tenting on land my folks bought.
    My husband and I moved to Maine 20+ years ago, but no lakefront for us.


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