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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Name is Cid and I'm an Addict

I know I never should have tried it the first time. My sister warned me that once I started I wouldn't be able to stop. I'd forget about all my other responsibilities - the kids, my job, the house and only be able to think about the next time I would do it. I would put off everything else, plan my days around it and she was right.

My name is Cid and I am a hair straightening addict. I never knew how easy it could be to make my curly hair smooth and sleek and worthy of compliments everywhere I go. I bought a straightening iron years ago at the drugstore and used it every once in a while if we were going out but if there was a party or something special I would pay someone at a salon to blow dry my mane straight. Sometimes it would work depending on the humidity and the upper body strength of the stylist but now, now I get super straight hair every time and I figure cost per use is down to pennies since I bought it a month ago. I even straightened it while we were in Florida and it didn't go frizzy even with all the humidity.

The problem is I can't stop. I know it isn't good for my hair to subject it to such intense heat every time I wash it. And although I have never washed my hair every day, I am still ironing the s**t out of it at least once a week. It is amazing, people who have known me for years comment on it. And strangely enough it has been about three months since I had my highlights done and even my roots don't seem as bad when it is straight. So the big question is whether it's worth the time and the potential damage to my hair? I know I'll take a break once the summer is here and we head to the cottage and I'm in and out of the lake all day long. I like the curls when I just leave it to dry naturally and don't try to brush it out.

Now I know those of you with naturally straight hair will say, "Oh, what I would do for your curls." But you don't really mean it. Look at any magazine and count the number of celebs with curly hair. I just got my university alumnae magazine and everyone of the women pictured has pin straight hair. It's like the 60's when women really did put their heads down on an ironing board to flatten their locks. The only time curls were really in was the dreaded 80's when it was all about big hair and I have a grad photo to prove it.

So here goes

Au naturel

And after 25 minutes of the only kind of ironing you'll ever catch me doing

(gotta say, I love the Phonebooth feature on my Mac)

So, I know I may be opening myself up to much deserved criticism regarding my narcissism and obsession with my hair, but I need the clear, unbiased opinions of people I never have and in all probability never will meet. Please keep you responses directed at the hair style and not the art in the background or the size of the bags under my eyes.


  1. I love straightening my hair, too. Unless it's humid out - the humidity just screws it all up! I know it's not good for my hair and neither is dying it, so I try to use conditioner every time I wash it.

    With your hair, I like it either way, but I really like it straight.

  2. My daughter is similarly obsessed with straightening her wavy hair. Like her, you look good both ways. I prefer the natural look because it’s you. I’ve never understood the desire to look like everyone else or to conform to the latest trend. You are right that the roots show more in the first shot, but that’s a different issue altogether.

    Do whatever makes you feel good about yourself. One perk of less hair care would be more time to do something else rewarding, like reading a book, getting exercise or just sleeping an extra half hour. I bet you need it with 3 kids, but maybe the time pampering yourself in a house full of boys is also helpful. I read a magazine survey where moms claimed that they relax the most in the bathroom, of all rooms in their house!

    My hair used to be straight, but strangely enough in my 30’s, it started going curly, and now I have I have ringlets as long as I let my hair dry naturally and don’t brush it. I find Phyto Plage styling gel combed in wet helps tame the frizz. I love my curls.

  3. I think it looks good both ways-much different looks and I agree with you, the straight style seems to be in favor nowadays.

    Gut response? I like the friendly, earthy curls but the straightened look seems 'hipper'(is that a word- or was it a word back in the 60's?) and definitely stylish and very attractive. You're lucky to have two styles so easily available to you- enjoy it.

    If the time and effort is worth it to you, keep it up-you're the one it matters to the most. From the 30 to 50, I got a perm every 3 months because I wore my hair short and it just flattened against my head. I had no patience for blow drying it every day only to have it mash down if I wore a hat. Hence the perms. I got fed up with spending money and decided to go shorter. Now my husband cuts my hair with clippers and I love it. Bless him, he doesn't moan about long hair either.

  4. Okay, now I really feel incredibly narcissistic. Thank you for your kind and true words. The funny thing is that I have always told my Other Half how low maintenance I am compared to other women but with this damn straightener I have become everything I used to make fun of. I may not go cold turkey but I am going to limit its use.

  5. What can I say? I’m one of those who have craved natural curls my entire life.
    As for you – you look beautiful in both pictures!

  6. 當一個人內心能容納兩樣相互衝突的東西,這個人便開始變得有價值了。...............................................................

  7. i honestly think you look great in both hairs, an annoying answer probably. "_" because hair is really about you- do YOU find the effort worth it..how does it make you feel...

  8. My eldest son took one look at my air-dried curls this morning and said, "You look prettier when it's straight." Sigh ... off to fire up the iron.

  9. I think it looks GREAT straight! My hair has a lot of 'texture' (that's the kind word) - I get silly corkscrew curls in the front but nowhere else & I just wish I could let it dry and have it look NICE. But no. So I blow it out every time I wash it, and if I'm going out somewhere I sometimes straighten it.

    My stylist straightens hers every day & she just said to make sure if you straighten it that you use a flat iron spray to protect your hair from the heat. I think she's using Bed Head now, I have Redken's Fabricate. So keep straightening if you like!

    btw, it's nice to see a face to go along with the name, pretty lady! :)


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