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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Random Tuesday Ramblings

  • I think Mother Nature is going through menopause with hot flashes due to global warming. It's the only explanation for the roller coaster ride we've been on this winter - snow, rain, snow, rain, wash, rinse, repeat.

  • I survived (barely) being a single parent for 10 days. I won't get into the gory details but sufficed to say it was a bit like Groundhog Day from the same time last year. Three kids throwing up, ski races and hockey games all over and finished off with me lying on the bathroom floor wishing I was anywhere else but there.

  • Trying to love the Twitterverse but thinking it really is just the ultimate time-sucking blackhole. Until they come up with a newer time-sucking technological black hole, of course.

  • Only 11 more sleeps until I escape to here and then I'm off to Florida to be a bikini-less boat babe at the Miami Boat Show. We'll definitely sell more if I keep my clothes on.

  • The wacky weather and flu epidemic hasn't done much to help me stick to my promise to ride every Tuesday, so far I've gone once.

  • Watched Contangion while I was sick as I am not only a end-of-the-world sort of gal but also a masochist. It actually wasn't that scary, more of a docudrama than thriller.

  • Missed the first episode of Season Two of Downton Abbey after my Season One marathon on the weekend but have now programmed the PVR so I don't miss it again. Can't believe Thomas is now in charge of the house.

  • Still waiting to hear if I will get into the Erma Bombeck Writer's Workshop on the waiting list. I also entered the contest held by the University of Dayton and the Public Library with this post in hopes of winning a spot at the workshop. Wish me luck.

  • Now I have to get up and out of here to go and subject myself to mindless government bureaucracy to finally get Sons Numbers Two & Three their SIN Cards which for you non-Canadians isn't what it sounds like. SIN stands for Social Insurance Number and the fact that they don't yet have them is completely due to my lack of interest in dealing with it for the last 11 years. And while I'm subjecting myself to this torture I might as well renew No. 3's passport which conveniently is on a completely different expiry rotation from mine and his brothers. Oh well, speaking of black holes, maybe I can catch up on my Twittering ;-)

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