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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Spa Dreaming and Planning

I can't quite believe it but in less than a month I am going to be relaxing at this beautiful place.

My dear friend Jessica is given the best gift by her husband every few years - a weekend at Ste Anne's Spa with a friend. I was lucky enough to be that friend four years ago and I have an invitation again this year! Ste Anne's is the warmest, coziest place you can imagine where everyone wanders around in their robes even for meals.

It isn't pretentious like some city spas, it feels like visiting a wonderful country estate run by an eccentric aunt who serves high tea every afternoon which you can enjoy in your robe and slippers. I could never afford to go for a weekend on my own so I feel very fortunate that Jessica wants to share her gift with me again. Today I went online to take a look at the spa treatments we have to choose from. Last time we went I had a massage and a mud bath which I loved. The feeling of being suspended in mud with no pressure on any body part and not having to tread water was so relaxing. This time I am also going to try the Eucalyptus Body Wrap (what I would do for that right now as I battle this head cold) and also the Botantical Resurfacing Facial. We'll also take a Yoga class and hopefully do some snowshoeing if we winter ever arrives properly. And, of course, we'll spend lots of time catching each other up on life with the men in our lives (she has two sons and a male miniature Schnauzer) Jessica and I share a love of the sublime to the ridiculous (we both admit to watching both Gene Simmons Family Jewels and Downton Abbey) During our last visit we spent quite a bit of time discussing who we would want to be with us in the post-Apocalyptic world. This time we're thinking that maybe the theme will be post-Apocalyptic recipes.

So the countdown has begun - 23 sleeps until we go! In the mean time hockey playoffs have begun for Number One Son, ski racing season is in full swing with all three boys skiing at least three days a week, usually at three different clubs. And, of course, boat show season kicks off in Toronto this Friday for ten days, to be followed by Boston and Miami. Time to take a deep breath and maybe plan a getaway with my Other Half to celebrate his birthday at the end of the month.


  1. I've been wanting to go to St. Anne's forever - friends and my SIL have raved about it. What an awesome present for your friend (and what a nice friend to share!)
    Happy new year to you!



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