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Monday, April 23, 2012

This just about sums up my weekend

Two nights out in a row, at my advanced age is definitely something to celebrate. And we did. (Un)fortunately there is no photographic evidence (that I know of) from either Friday or Saturday night or either of the mornings after. All I know is that I must be maturing (finally) because I did not drink tequila and wisely stuck to champagne. My Other Half always seems to know what I need for my birthday and this year was no exception, dinner with seven of our oldest (and bestest) friends. I am very lucky to have them all in my life.


  1. Ha! Great image!
    With advancing age, one can always find the energy to go out and have a good time, celebrate, etc. – it’s the recovery that’s the killer!
    Smart move re: the choice of alcohol. ;)

  2. You are really fabulous...


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