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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Random Tuesday Ramblings

  • Definitely don't like the new blogger format but then we all know I hate change
  • April 24th and it's a Snow Day. WTF?! And yesterday I laughingly said, "yes" when the boys asked me if could they stay home if it was one ... sigh
  • Still not sure if I will wear the silver snakeskin pumps on Friday night. 
  • Oh, get over yourself and wear them!
  • Should spend some time practicing all the cool stuff I learned in my Intro to Photoshop course although I think that it's very sad that the Number One use for Cloning in Photoshop is to take people's ex's out of old pictures. I'm going to practice putting people randomly in places they never were, kind of like Forest Gump
  • Love the fact that No. 2 Son always speaks in some kind of accent with his best buddy
  • Only two more sleeps until my brother and his family arrive for our mother's 70th birthday weekend. Don't know who is more excited? The kids to see their cousins or me to hang out with my sibs
  • Found this fabulous retreat via Kyran's Planting Dandelions and I really want to go. It's a Yoga/Writing/Photography retreat and since I had to cancel going to the Erma Bombeck Writer's Workshop I wonder if I wasn't meant to go to this one? It's perfect for me except for the fact that it is June 28th to July 2nd which is over our Canada Day Long Weekend and usually when everyone who has ordered a boat wants it delivered so my Other Half is always MIA. But it's a Yoga/Writing/Photography retreat and I really want to go
  • Big changes may be coming where I work part time. Not sure if maybe it's a sign that I need to find something else to do or if I should throw myself into it and take on more responsibility and hours. 

1 comment:

  1. Wear the shoes!
    And that last point? Perhaps it has to do with the “changes” your horoscope was encouraging you to make? Sorry I can’t help point you in the right direction – busy trying to recognize my own signs and choose my own paths. :)


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