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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sure Signs of a Mid Life Crisis

Here's the post that was supposed to go with the silver snakeskin shoes.

It seems I can blame the mid-life malaise I have been experiencing over the last few weeks and months on the stars. And as if this wasn't enough of a wake up call for me as I jumped up and over the mid-life hump yesterday and landed on the downward slide to *gasp* fifty (doesn't look as shocking when written rather than the actual number) but even the venerable Globe & Mail horoscope knows I have to get my act together and figure out what the hell I am going to do in the second act of my life.

The crisis began a while ago but escalated while I was preparing for my mother's 70th birthday. As I scanned old photos of her and we asked old friends and family to write something in her honour the emails began to pour in from her childhood, school, camp and life-long friends. Although she now has very little contact with most of these people they all contributed the most wonderful words. She was a role model for so many as a camp director. She did so much as a young mother at home and in our community - renovating a falling-down farmhouse, writing a newspaper column, organizing an after-school programme, bringing performing arts groups to our small, rural community. She tapped, trees, boiled sap and bottled homemade maple syrup and started vegetables from seed. Does anyone does that anymore? As I wrote in a previous post she created a home which everyone loved. My greatest fear is that I can't and won't ever measure up to either of my parents. I guess it's time to wake up and figure out what to do now.

But of course the real sign that I am officially in a mid-life crisis is that I spent over an hour in Winners yesterday trying on shoes and was completely incapable of making a decision. I need something to wear on a daily basis other than my Blundstone boots and running shoes. Something cute but grown up and I also needed a pair to wear with a black dress to a gala honouring my Dad (don't even get me started on his accomplishments, he retired at 44, for god's sake) I wanted something fun but classic and I was completely stumped looking at all the shoes. Most were way too high for me to even attempt to wear and the rest were just ugly. I finally found these and had to take picture and send it to my best friend who lives and works in the real world to see if I was way off base.

So, the verdict was that the silver snakeskin makes them fun while the classic style means they aren't tacky. Right?

I think I obsessed over them to take my mind off the horoscope.


  1. When I left a comment on just the picture of the shoe, I thought you were doing a “Wordless Wednesday” post!

    If I compared myself to many people I know, I’d be in a state of perpetual despair – I don’t go there. Don’t you go there, either…

    Being a mother is a wonderful, rewarding job – and you don’t even really know how rewarding it is/was until the kids are much older.

    It does help to have something extra for yourself – and you’ll find it. Keep thinking of things you love to do…and go from there.

    Hope you had a Happy Birthday!

  2. I probably should have left it as a Wordless Wednesday post but thank you for the boost. It's always welcome especially from a woman who has been there.

  3. First of all, I totally envy anyone who can wear those shoes and walk in them! Or just wear them. I have big, wide feet and it's hard enough to just find sneakers that fit.

    Secondly, enjoy the amazing people that are your parents and don't compare, even subconsciously. You've got those genes and they show in your busy life with your husband and 3 active boys.

    I've passed over that mid-life hill a generation ago (yikes) and am presently enjoying being continually amused and amazed by my 4 adult kids. It just gets better and better- especially as grandkids start showing up.


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