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Monday, December 7, 2009

Putting on the schnitzel

Last night we decorated the tree, an exercise fraught with danger and delusion. The danger being three over-excited boys all racing through the boxes of ornaments I carefully put away last year each one individually wrapped in tissue paper to get to their favourites and delusional because every year I think we are going to have a "perfect" tree. But this year Number Three Son had us all falling over one another laughing (luckily the tree remained upright) when he asked, if finally, after all the homemade, Popsicle and glitter covered ornaments had been carefully hidden, I mean placed, could we please, please put on the "schnitzel"? We all stopped, looked at him and then as the meaning dawned I laughingly replied "Yes, but no clumping the schnitzel, drape it individually at the end of the branches."


  1. And that’s why having kids makes Christmas so special!
    Even if you’re contemplating having to get rid of one of them. ;)

  2. Oh, you gotta clump that stuff! It's the best way to do it!


  3. Schnitzel! haha! It would be a good tree for a deli! lol

  4. :) Somehow I just can't bring myself to put tinsel the tree (or schnitzel for that matter!) - I'd find it ALL over the place, I'm sure!

  5. Oh, yum, now THAT would be a Christmas treat!

    We just started some decorating tonight... the tree, this weekend. Once we adjust to the fact that yes, winter is really here!

  6. Okay, I never really pictured a schnitzel-covered tree until now. Not sure if it would be yummy or yucky?


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