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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Winter Wordless Wednesday

The weather outside is frightful

But in here it's so delightful


  1. Actually, the weather around here is rather delightful - the sun is shining!

    But no baby to cuddle here - lucky you..

  2. Well, we have snow squalls and the baby is flying west for Christmas but I told him I expect him back promptly after New years.

  3. Love the photos! And thank you for the news of the nice display at the Barrie Chapters!

  4. sweet. love it! kids make all the diffrence...

  5. Very delightful! We had a home type of day too. It even snowed (just a teeny bit, and not the good kind).

  6. It is amazing how two pictures make me jealous of where you are at!

  7. That first one made me kind of shivery...but that last one? oh yeah. that last one warmed me up. great shot!!
    Happy holidays, to you, my sweet blogging friend!


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