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Monday, June 7, 2010

The Grandparents Tea

Number Two Son has had the most wonderful teacher this year, one who really "gets" him. She has been so patient and encouraging and he has, as a direct result, had a fantastic year academically and socially. He is more confident and has tried so many new things and to top it all off she organized this unbelievable "Grandparents Tea" last week. The kids made the invitations for each set of grandparents. My boys are lucky enough to have all their grandparents still living and fairly close by so NTS made three of everything. They decorated picture frames, made murals, the mothers cooked up a storm and we all got to see the Grade 4 Talent show which was hysterical.

The class has talked a lot about the stereotypes we have of old people and so their skits and songs poked fun at playing Bingo, using cell phones and dancing. The afternoon ended with a slideshow of photos of all their grandparents and my son and another boy sang "Photograph" by Nickelback. Everyone had tears in their eyes. The kids who had grandparents who were no longer living made gorgeous collages of photos and messages in their honour. My parents and my mother-in-law were overwhelmed by the time and effort put into the entire afternoon. I am quite sure that someday in the future when my son is asked if he had a teacher who had a real impact on him he will remember Ms. Comrie.

Number Two Son and "Geeya"

NTS and "Dippy"

NTS and Grandma

Thanking Ms. Comrie

Number Two Son - one of the MC's

It was much more than just a "tea"


  1. That is just absolutely lovely, and I'm sure the grandparents were just thrilled! I wish our parents were closer :(


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