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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The 12 Childless Days of Summer and Beyond

I know I made a huge deal last summer about all the things I was going to do while the boys were away at camp but I learned my lesson, sort of. The weather didn't cooperate so there wasn't much sipping drinks on the patio (too rainy), I never finished touching up all the nicks and dents in the trim (too lazy) and my Other Half and I didn't sleep naked (too cold) but this year ... this year it will be different.

First off they finish school on June 29th and go to camp on June 30th! Couldn't have planned it better if I tried. I know it will be a crazy whirlwind getting them packed (remember The List?) and ready to go but as soon as they step on the barge My Other Half and I are going on a road trip! We're heading down east to deliver two boats, one to Nova Scotia and the other to Newfoundland which is the only province I have never been to. Very excited, it will be a two day drive to North Sydney, N.S. then a six hour ferry ride to Port au Basques and then on to Cornerbrook. I can't wait, I love road trips. Already planning my playlists and downloading podcasts. I might even sign up for Sirius Satellite again, if only to see if Martha Stewart's crazy daughter Alexis still has her show, Whatever. Just checked, she does and she has a blog. We listened to the show a couple of years ago while driving home from Florida, it is raunchy and quite funny, not at all what Martha would call "a good thing."

But back to the 12 Childless Days of Summer and Beyond. I am going to make a list of what I want to do, as well as a few things I need to do and hope that the weather cooperates and My Other Half is ready, willing and able. (And I will also encourage the boys make their wish lists like Sarah at Clover Lane did and I will try to accommodate any requests as long as they don't involve public pools or water parks)

So here goes.

My Top Ten List of Things I Want to Do This Summer

  1. Ride my horse more than once a week which will get him in shape so I don't have to worry that he is going to keel over on me after we gallop.
  2. Try to make a slipcover for the chair in my bedroom which because of old age and a puppy looks awful but it is my pile chair and when I do eventually put everything away that I pile on it I would like it to look nice.
  3. Finish touching up the trim or rather start over again since all the touch ups I did last summer have been scraped off. What I did get done looked so nice for a while.
  4. Rearrange the furniture in the basement once we get the hand-me-down sectional sofa from a friend's mother. I want it to be less of a playroom since the boys don't really play as much any more. There will still be some toys left but I want the TV set up so they can sit and watch or play games without trashing the whole room. The old IKEA pullout couch has more than served it's purpose and has to go.
  5. Update my blog header as soon as I figure out how to do a collage on my MacBook, I had it down pat with Picasa but now I am using Adobe Elements so if anyone out there knows how to do it, let me know.

But wait a minute.

This list is way more need than want so screw it. I am going to concentrate on the wants rather than the multitude of needs.
  1. Go for a paddle down the river we live on but never take advantage of.
  2. Get out on the sailboat we inherited and go for sunset cocktail cruises with friends.
  3. Get out and play soccer which we signed up for but haven't been able to do since the kids' activities take priority.
  4. Take My Other Half for a horseback ride so he can see how special the gift he gave me truly is.
  5. Do something with some girlfriends - go to the spa, go for a bike ride and then the spa, go to the new winery nearby after the bike ride and the spa.
  6. Throw a couple of dinner parties with an eclectic group of people. Eat outside with lots of candles, wine and good food.
  7. Go to the beach for picnics, the beach which we live near but hardly ever go to.
  8. Help my Other Half to breathe deeply, sleep well and enjoy this wonderful life he works so hard to give us.
  9. Try the Raw Divas Seven Day Detox just to see if it makes me feel any better and to give myself a challenge. After that ... give myself another challenge.
And finally Number 10. Enjoy my time while the boys are at camp and enjoy my time with the boys for the rest of the summer.


  1. So, you're going to be busy!
    I do my collages on picnik. It's free and it works well. I know there's a collage function with my elements, but I haven't used it yet. it seems too complicated.
    Good luck with your road trip and all those activities this summer!

  2. It sounds like you are making good use of your kid free time, especially if you follow list #2. Funny! Where did you write about your 25th reunion? Or was that not on your blog?


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