"Our life is frittered away by detail...simplify, simplify." - Henry David Thoreau

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Raw Day Five

Can't say I'm feeling better, not hungry just bored and my jaw aches from crunching through all those veggies. No worries that I am turning into become a raw foodie convert, Sunday can't come soon enough. I'll be hitting the Father's Day buffet with a vengence. But on the other hand it has made me more mindful of what I eat and I have created some truly beautiful salads which I hope to continue to do once I am back on the cooking bandwagon. Off to make my green breakfast smoothie. Who knew kale and bananas were such a delicious combo, maybe I should suggest it to Ben & Jerry.

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  1. i think it's great that you have done this so diligently...good for you. anything we do that makes us look at our lifestyle and make changes is good. what a great experience this has been.
    just curious....have you lost weight? that would have to be an extra bonus!!


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