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Monday, January 24, 2011

Sort of Stuck in a Rut - Part Two

I'm glad I spilled my January blahs all over this blog last week. It helped and I have made some headway, on the list, at least. I got the kids to move the woodpile so we can get at it more easily which means we can make a fire in hopes that we might sit and relax in front of one someday. Of course, I had to bribe them but I wasn't going to make them go back to school after their dentist appointment anyway. And today I cleaned out the dry sink in the kitchen which used to be the arts and craft cupboard but now that the boys aren't really into crafts it holds paper and stuff for school projects. Great timing as Number One Son has a big project due in two days (guess all that time off school for skiing and volleyball finally caught up with him) I also organized the shelves by my desk and it only took two trips to the hardware store. At first I thought I could attach shelves inside the old cabinet but mismeasured, of course and had to take everything back. But while there the second time I found stackable shelves meant for shoes and decided they would work in the cabinet just as well. They only had two and I might need a couple more but assembling them was a heck of a lot easier than trying to drill holes for shelves in a space that's hard to access since it is in a corner behind my desk. It's not perfect but a whole lot better than before and I've got a big basket of electronic odds and sods shoved underneath where no one can see or get at it so I'll probably forget what's there. Sorry, once again I forgot to take before and after photos so you'll have to trust me on all this.

I did go snow shoeing on Saturday and skied albeit, briefly as the temperatures have been sub-Arctic for the past four days. But the temperatures are supposed to be returning to a more normal range for us in the Great White North which means I have no excuse not to get out riding my horse and walking the dog. But this week is a short one as Thursday is my Other Half's birthday and I have booked us off to ski or shoe shoe in the morning and then massages at the Scandinave Spa in the afternoon! My in-laws are coming up to take the whole family out for dinner that night meaning I won't even have to cook and then we are all skiing together on Friday. So, as January comes to a close, things are looking up. But I am going to keep working on the To Do List which, if I post it for all to see, might have a better chance of getting done by spring.

Next up:
  1. Replace the desk in the upstairs hall with the bookshelf from Griffen's room. (He doesn't need a desk)
  2. Put up the shelves and hang the TV in the basement.
  3. Print out pictures and put them in the frames I bought for the basement
  4. Put up shelves in Ben's room.
  5. Get some regular exercise - snow shoe every weekend, walk River daily, Yoga or Pilates
  6. Purge cookbooks and get recipes on computer organized
  7. Hang a light over my desk (a cool one like these)
  8. Start putting together yearly photo albums and get them printed (this is so easy and cheap now, there's no excuse not to. I've already set aside the best photos from 2010)


  1. Okay! That was a fast part 2! And kudos on the cabinet and dry sink cleaning. All that and new storage too.

    Oooh, photos- that's a job I have put off forever. My problem is that I hate to throw out any photos, no matter how blurry or if I have duplicates, etc. I really must sort through them.

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog, It Is very cool that you have a cabin near Bobcaygeon, It Is one of my favorite songs. It is awesome that you are joining that women's club, I don't believe we have anything like that where I live or I would too, sounds fun! I will definitely check out "Cowboy Junkies." Take care, I'll keep reading.

  3. I find lists help, too. This is such a tough time of year for a lot of people.

    Keep going...it feels good to get things done. And definitely keep writing!

  4. Wow - I love your new banner photo!

    Sorry to hear about your rut but it sounds like you are making progress digging out. Skiing and massage is the best way to beat the winter blues, although not in sub zero temps. It was a bit warmer in Maine today so I hope it was for you too.

  5. I love writing! I keep a book of things I have to do each day. If I did not do this...I think I'd be eating Ben and Jerry's at 10 am. hehe. Love your blog and I'm a new follower.


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