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Monday, June 20, 2011

23 Childfree Things to Do

The boys leave for camp on July 2 and are gone for 23 days. This is the first time all three are going for the full month (in camp time) Number Three Son is nervously excited. For the last two years he has enjoyed his 10 days at home as an only child but he also is looking forward to going on a longer canoe trip, having more time on the ropes course and in the archery range that the campers only get when they are there for three and a half weeks.

So here's my To Do List. I hope I can accomplish at least some of it and that the time doesn't just fly and I end up wondering, "what the hell happened to those 23 days?"

  1. Have a picnic dinner at the beach
  2. Have nothing but cheese and wine for dinner (repeatedly)
  3. Go sailing after work
  4. Invite friends out for a cocktail cruise
  5. Sleep naked
  6. Go to boot camp two mornings a week for three weeks
  7. Watch at least three movies that are not cartoons or in 3D
  8. Touch up all the trim that I started painting two summers ago and is now chipped again
  9. Get all the carpets and upholstery cleaned
  10. Sort the treasures from the junk in the boys' rooms
  11. Ride Jazz at least two times a week
  12. Walk River every morning
  13. Get the problem with my photos figured out and find out about storing them in (on?) the cloud (whatever that means)
  14. Make some delicious dinners that the kids would never eat
  15. Eat at at least one of the four newly opened restaurants in town
  16. Sunbathe by the pool
  17. Make mojitos with the mint that is overtaking the garden
  18. Put this wallpaper up in the powder room
  19. Take my Other Half riding
  20. Put up some new photos in the kitchen
  21. Write the boys lots of letters now that the postal strike is finally over
  22. Go down to the city for a girls night out
  23. Recharge my parenting batteries in preparation for the other 5 weeks of summer

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