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Monday, June 20, 2011

An Almost Perfect Weekend

We finally made it back up to the cottage and after the most miserable spring, the last weekend before summer officially arrives on Tuesday was pretty close to perfect. We delivered a couple of boats on the way north and arrived in time to have a drink on the dock and meet my best friend. We cut the lawn, planted flowers, set up the badminton net and cleaned out the pantry so the place looks loved and lived in and ready for its 64th summer.

The boys in their new Hudson's Bay Blanket-inspired swim towels (they are gorgeous)

Trying to shoot the falls

River cooling off

Rolling out the dough for Rosemary Yogurt Flatbread

Grilling them to golden perfection

Getting ready for the first leg of the the Smoke Lake Triathlon - 750m swim

Heading out on the cycling portion - 20km

I didn't get a photo of the last leg which was a 5km run or the finish line which involved ice cream cones but it was an amazing accomplishment for both of them. Me? I'm the designated driver of the chase boat and held down the fort on the dock until they returned.

We tried to stretch Father's Day out as long as possible by not leaving until 6:30 pm and Number Two Son's attempt at being helpful unfortunately resulted in a trip to Emerg and four stitches after he sliced his leg open on something sharp in the recycling bags he was carrying. But despite that little setback it was an almost perfect weekend. Now the countdown is on to the end of school with parties and field trips galore and of course, only 12 days until the boys go off to camp for a month. But who's counting?

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  1. It does look like an (almost) perfect weekend! I'm jealous.


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