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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Random Tuesday

  • Aaaahhh . . . summer. And it's about freakin' time. Winter lasted until Easter and spring was so cold and wet that I thought that my Other Half (the boat builder) was truly going to have to build an ark. Good for the tulips but now the lilacs are out (about a month late) and I am ready for the peonies to bloom and to finally plant my tomatoes.

  • We got out on the sailboat on the weekend. No wind but it was lovely to be back out on the water again.

  • Had a blast at an 80's Prom Party last Friday. I promise the photos are forthcoming but sufficed to say, there was lots of big hair, taffeta and a late night for the Class of '84.

  • Only three weeks until school is over and three weeks, three days and five hours until the boys all go to camp for the month. But who's counting?

  • It's been three weeks now without indulging in what had become my twice weekly chocolate croissant and grilled cheese sandwich habit while at work. I have also given up bread during the week and, although I haven't noticed a major weight change, I do feel better and I am going to Pilates again so hopefully my energy level will increase. My summer resolution is to get back into shape as well as to touch up all the trim in the house while the boys are away (this was my goal two summers ago and I only finished the main floor and, of course, it's all chipped again)

  • Number Two & Three Sons' hamsters became the proud parents of seven (yes, seven!) babies two weeks ago. Mother and offspring are doing well (unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your point of view) the babies no longer look like naked mole rats and are quite cute. Now the question is how to get rid of them since natural selection did not take place. Anyone want a baby hamster or two or three?

  • Number Three Son celebrated his 9th birthday yesterday with eight friends. They had a ball jumping on the trampoline and staging a major water fight but I was a little surprised when it came time to open presents. There were only two wrapped gifts. The rest gave the birthday boy cash and a Visa gift card. He, of course, was thrilled. Me? Not so much. It seems a bit over the top for a nine year old to spend his post-party downtime counting dollar bills instead of playing with new LEGO.

  • Trying to decide what to do with the boys when they get home from camp. They all want to be home during the week rather than at the cottage so they can play soccer but that's only in the evenings. I am thinking about tennis and golf lessons but what I really want them to do if they aren't going to let me be up at the cottage all month is to find out what other kids do. We are so lucky to live in a small town where they can jump on their bikes and go to the beach or explore or even just hang by the pool with some supervision, of course. But I am not Julie McCoy and will not spend all day driving them around from activity to activity and they can't veg in front of a screen all day. They aren't used to this so I need help pointing them in the right direction. Any suggestions?

  • Had our first impromptu BBQ of the season on Saturday even though My Other Half and I were exhausted from the Prom the night before. The weather was warm, the sun stays up until well after 9pm and I had bought a ton of local asparagus to roast. The kids were happy to be running around until well after their bedtime and the adults were happy to sit and drink another glass of wine while they ran. Aaaaahhhh . . . summer.


  1. I think (crossing fingers) that our tomatoes are going in the ground tomorrow. Finally, finally warming up here, at least during the day.

  2. So much happiness and celebration in your life! I enjoyed the 80s and the prom, but I'm not sure I'd have the courage to revisit that time. How nice to be sailing again. It's hot, sultry and thundering in Maine. I just went for my first swim.


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