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Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Eight Year Old is Dating

All week Number Two son has been saying things like, "Mum, I need to tell you something." To which I reply, "Yes?" And then he says something like, "Oh nevermind." So I just go on about my day. Finally last night we were in my bed, when he finally gave up on reading and insisted on leaving his Junior James Bond Book on my bedside table which was already covered in my books, mugs of tea, the phone from downstairs and the toenail clippings left behind by Number One's self pedicure. He said that I was to read the note in the book after he had gone to bed but then would I come in and see him once I had read it. So off he went to bed, I continued reading my book ( Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortensen, an amazing story) and every so often he would call, "Have you read the note yet?" Finally I opened a tiny piece of scrap paper and on it he had written in tiny letters, "M. M. is dating me." I couldn't help but smile but I composed myself and climbed into bed beside my little Romeo and ask what the note meant. He said it meant what it said, I asked if it meant they were friends and he replied that yes they were friends and that he didn't want to talk about it.

Guess I'll have to watch out for the little hussy this weekend on the ski hill. She had better not break my baby's heart.


  1. I loved Three Cups of Tea. "Dating". Tee hee. My 7 year old boy LOVES girls and is completely open about it. We had friends over a few weeks ago, and my friend's teenage daughter and her two friends stopped by. My son was trying SO HARD to get their attention, and when I asked him later "were you trying to get the girls to look at you?" he just said "yeah", as in "duh! of course I was!"

  2. My 8 year old has always been friends with girls, now he is loving the attention! Our 11 year old won't even talk to or about girls!

  3. Just make sure she skis faster than she does.

    My daughter is almost nine, and has announced that she is interested in boys. Very interested. I advised her not to tell Daddy.

  4. (I'm enjoying your blog!) Boy, they start young these days, don't they? And isn't Three Cups of Tea a great book?


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