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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lost & Found

I never lose things, at least not important stuff like wallets or expensive jewelry and maybe I am tempting fate by saying this but recently I did lose a necklace that I love. It was made by a talented friend of mine and when one of the pearl beads fell off she offered to fix it. She gave it back to me and I stuck it in my ski jacket pocket and promptly forgot about it until I wanted to wear it and couldn't find it. I looked in my coat pockets, in all the nooks and crannies in the car (don't even want to mention what else I found there) but to no avail. It was gone. Finally I was about to confess to my Other Half who had bought it for me as a Christmas present when a neighbour asked me if I had one of Katie's necklaces. I said yes and she said that she had found one on her front porch. At first she thought it was hers as a group of us had been to a jewelry party and had bought the same design but hers was still sitting on her dresser. Luckily she thought of asking everyone who had been at the party. I must have dropped it out of my pocket one day when I was taking her dog and mine out for a play. Of all the places it could have fallen out thank goodness it was there.

Of course my tale of lost and found is nothing compared to my sister's one of dropping her school ring on a portage in the middle of Algonquin Park and having it returned to her a month later back at her camp.

Have you ever lost something really important and then unbelievably found it later?


  1. yes, my wedding ring!

    also, wanted to mention i just read Paris to the Moon this year and really enjoyed it. the author's voice was very... soothing.

  2. I would die if I lost my wedding ring, it rarely comes off my finger. You should try Adam Gopnik's "Inside the Children's Gate" about living in Manhatten. I am never sure if this is the best way to respond to people's comments. Maybe I should go to your blog and post there. This is all still quite new to me.

  3. Three years ago my engagement ring disappeared from our house. We were having work done at the time and I know it was stolen, but I still cling to the hope that it was just misplaced and will miraculously show up... sigh.

  4. you can respond here, i come back and read it! :)

  5. I just read a Canadian Organic Gardener article on composting that had a story about a woman who found her wedding ring and engagement ring in her outdoor compost bin, TWELVE YEARS after losing them!

    Less dramatically, last spring I lost my Nikon camera lens cap somewhere in the fields of our 86-acre farm. Well last fall, the farmer who rents our land for crops came up to me and asked me if I'd lost a lens cap. "Why yes! How did you know?" He told me to hang on, went back to his tractor, and came back with my lens cap in his hand. Somehow he had seen it in the field FROM his rather HUGE tractor while sowing soybeans last spring. He had been keeping it in the tractor. meaning to ask me about it, and finally remembered. I have no idea how he saw this thing in the huge expanse of our field, from up in his tractor!


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